Health bureaucrats at ATAGI gave wrong advice – Senate Estimates 10.11.22

In this round of questioning I asked AHPRA why they rely on the advice of Health Bureaucrats at ATAGI, most of whom have conflicts of interest due to their employers receiving significant funding from big pharmaceutical companies and the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.

I also highlighted the fact their advice has been wrong in regards to transmission.

In what was an incredible act of arrogance Brendan Murphy tried to run interference for ATAGI’s poor advice.


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  1. How can you possibly have any confidence in these organisations when you consider the capabilities of these clowns? The sooner these organisations are forced to their day of reckoning the better for everyone. Unfortunately there aren't enough Senator Rennicks in this world.

  2. We must have a Royal Commission. Thank goodness we have you, Senator and Senator Antic, asking the right questions now. The devastation done to Australian people by these bureaucrats is incalculable.

  3. The utter arrogance of these people. I just read Swan gave us permission to have Christmas. He can go get knotted, and so can all who made darn sure that not only are we increasingly not sure where our next meal comes from much less splash out on Christmas presents.
    So tell me can we only think as told to now?Only ask the q's that do not hold these thugs accountable. My Husband's cancer returned and oh dear, oopsie um jeah sorry mate. Maybe they can tell the cancer that no no no not now. This lot, they lead their own brand of fake science and fake rhetoric and have no need of the burden of truth, as they made up their minds. You can tell when they lied, as when they did what was wrong they lead with the false information and whatnot rubbish, fake news! Fake vaccines and fake caring, fake information from thís lot. We no longer trust them, none of them, as to trust anyone who complied with these thugs. Who risked us all and for what, there can no longer be trust. Besides any dr who would in any way force a patient to submit to an experimental vax for the sake of conforming. Zero full disclosure, what about the kids Hazzard had jabbed and no parents allowed people what have we tolerated! We now know that they knew it does not stop transmission that means it is not a vaccine. We got jabbed it flopped and now more more more? No. The entire premise of the entire thing is idiotic and they used it to first do harm, and for lucre I feel so thick. Not for us, and if people could for once be honest they would admit that. Or are we as a nation now too far gone.

  4. As well as ruining society and raising cost of everything. Are we going to take in refugees from countrys with high rates of violence and war and rather unemployable? PS how many pensioners going to die this summer cause refuse to use AC cause of electricity prices?

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