Health Department Holds Santa Event & Pays Kids $100.00 To Take a Jab


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  1. Could it be to save money by avoiding hospital admissions in the future? Are children covered by the state or does the parents insurance cover healthcare costs?
    If they are so concerned about health then maybe focus on the 6k daily deaths (aprox) caused by tobacco. They could drastically reduce that number by banning tobacco products. The ironic thing is e cigarettes are far less toxic, yet they interfered and created pointless regulation. Trying to put people off from switching over to a far safer alternative. The scare mongering through media was just stupid. I remember smokers saying stuff like 'don't vape, it contains anti freeze'. In reference to propylene glycol. The same chemical found in toothpaste, cosmetics, dried soups, ice cream cones, soft drinks and many more.
    This is just strange and highly questionable. What is their agenda?

  2. At this point all signs point to government officials WANTING the virus to keep spreading – and killing off as many expensive, unproductive, right wing voting elderly people as possible as a result.
    If there was a denatured virus vaccine it would be different, then it would be providing immunity – but the MRNA shot does nothing but make it slightly harder to tell when people are infectious and give them a false sense of security.

  3. I feel like this is just another case that’ll end up with me putting another dollar in the Alex Jones was right jar, I get the feeling they’re trying to cull the population or turn the next generation into the second wave of the pronoun brigade.

  4. Well at least you can laugh at people who had their kids jibbed losing out on cash lol
    Wait they gonna claim "not jibbed" like a dad telling his 11 year old to say he's 7 at a "below this age it's free" type deal

  5. Live in NJ, was bugged into getting vax by my Grandmom with her, got a call recently to get booster I don’t want for vax I didn’t want from NJ dept. health. How long until they start making it harder for me to live here than it already is?

  6. I often wonder how Salty is still on yootoobs.
    After banning so many for so much less, he's still here poking fun, triggering reeeeees, and b1tch smacking the left agenda.
    Don't make sense to me they've not outright Jones'd him.
    Hey, fukkit I'm laughing balls off so…

  7. my buddy panic'd 4 months ago and got the jab and last month he got the second jab, he tells me symptoms he has. brain fog, fatuige, joint pain,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,he told me I was right about every thing and really regrets it.

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