Health Fitness Expert Who Said Use Him as Vaxx Role Model is Now Dead




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Written by Salty Cracker


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  1. I brought up this topic with my pro-covid-Vax mother, who is a internal medicine Dr., and she said it is not from the vaccine but from having had COVID, ie covids fault…
    So if that is the case, then the vaccines don't help us and it's STILL NOT WORTH getting the jab.

  2. The "Fact Checkers" say he did not die due to the vaccine, instead he died of a heart attack. Furthermore they are saying that since his death did not happen within the first 2 weeks of the shot, it's impossible that it could be connected. These people are cancer.

  3. I wish that our suspicions were wrong and the jab was safe.
    I wish that my friends and family who took this thing weren't putting themselves in mortal danger.
    I wish that people weren't mysteriously dropping dead all over the place.
    But that's just not the world we live in.

  4. TBF bodybuilders have been dying rather young as of late. People talk about how you never see any 85 year old fatties, but you also never see 85 year olds who are jacked like horses and shredded.

  5. Well he's dead so he was wrong but even if he didn't die how can he prove that he was right because how does he know how long it will take for the side effects to actually take place?

  6. A great psych study on how to lead people to their demise and still till the very end they keep following like the good lab rats they are. People are lining up for the next rounds all while they virtue signal all over the place. " I got all my pokes, nothing has happened. I am fine. The cemetery is full of people who refused to do the right thing. DO THE RIGHT THING!!!!" Anyone from here on out, I have little pity for. I am also tired of trying to warn anyone. Just do it.

  7. Literally as I was reading these comments my wife received a text that a neighborhood mother and acquaintance of ours died. Beautiful healthy woman about 45 years old with two teenage boys. She had been hospitalized with pneumonia. Not saying it was C or v related… just a big ? for yet another sudden, shocking and totally unexpected death.

  8. Been reading these comments and theirs a bit of arrogance in a lot of them? "Purebloods" WTH? All of our blood is polluted, nobodies a 'pureblood' anymore, so show some class. I'll life is precious, Gods words, not mine!

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