Health Officer Says We Are In “New World Order” Sparking Viral Trend And Bizarre Fact Checking

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Written by Timcast

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  1. Tim… I think you literally said what’s going on. The exaggerated version you speak of is the exaggeration of the reality that seems to be happening right before our eyes. It’s one in the same.

  2. Tim Ignoring the VERY real thig that is "COVID-19- The Great Reset" by Klauss Schwaab and pretending he doesn't exist, or that EVERY world leader got a copy of his book at the beginning of 2020 or end of 2019, and even a few of them like justin Trudope complimented the book and mentioned in the reset and book and ideas in MANY statements he later regretted ….. Tim I like you bud, but you are a Fool sometimes.

  3. 🤦‍♂️ vampires came from Vlad the Impaler. He’s the original Dracula myth. Ppl know this. It’s not just one thing that states a new world order. It’s all of these events in one

  4. " if there was really a secret cabal in control of everything, don't you think they'd have better control?"

    1) incompetence and Malice are not mutually exclusive.

    2) we know there's a cabal, TIME magazine admitted as much

    3) Tim, come on, don't be naive. The wars are not a bug, they are a feature for the military-industrial complex to keep making $$$$ off of death and suffering they cause.

  5. It was NOT a "poor choice of words" – it was a slip; saying the quiet part out loud. Proof: when she heard the words "opening up," the frown on her face appeared immediately and she didn't try to hide it. She is a BUREAUCRAT, not a politician, so she isn't practiced at hiding what is really going on.

  6. The only mask I am wearing is a scary Halloween mask 👻… will be just as effective (if not more) than that BS we are made to wear.
    I am less than 50 miles upstate from NYC…..very very few people wear a mask up here. I would say %90 of the people do not comply. And the places that demand you wear a mask…they get extremely little business. I hate NYC….the Hudson Valley is lock down free because we stood up for our freedoms.

  7. Sure there is not such a thing as NEW WORLD ORDER. We just want a one world government to get rid of all these problems due friction from all these separate governments. While at it there is a problem with the climate and food shortages so we will just get rid of a third of the population. Too many eaters/consumers and not enough suppliers.