Healthcare Employees Fired For Refusing Vaccine Will Not Get Unemployment Benefits


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  1. Imagine a pandemic so severe that we fire Healthcare workers.
    Remember last year when they laid off nurses because they didn't have enough traffic due to the shutting off of elective procedures? It almost seems like the powers that be are doing their ready best to extend the "crisis" as long as possible.

  2. joke's on them, i've been on the government tit for being mentally retarded (not the actual diagnosis, but it's along those lines)

    sure, they could try and force me by trying to cut me off, but if the "free" market it already making it impossible to make money anyway,
    then what's the difference? where are the greener pastures exactly then? lol
    (rhetorical question, but the greener pastures are in crime at that point if you ask me)

  3. if you're a healthcare worker but you're an anti-vaxxer, you shouldnt be a healthcare worker. You should EXPECT to be fired. Its sad but thats how it is. They dont want patients getting worse because of unvaccinated workers.

  4. "Some areas of America" Oh, you mean all those places where treason runs rampant and completely unconstitutional laws have metastasized through every aspect of their lives? Those locations have the most illegal anti gun laws in the country. What a surprise. Like a bunch of mini Australias.

  5. It’s been mandatory in many hospitals for healthcare workers to get vaccines for decades. That’s nothing new.
    The withholding unemployment benefits is outright theft & fraud by the state though.
    They’ve been paying taxes & are thus rightfully entitled to the returns.

  6. Same shit is happening here in Australia too 😪 if front line health care workers are saying I don't want the vaccine, I won't take it, what does that say about the vaccine itself?!

  7. Living in NYC (unfortunately), I can tell you that the majority of individuals who are getting fired are predominately minorities and immigrants who have been vocal about refusing the Jab (And rightfully so). Myself (white male American conservative) and my Wife (Afro-Caribbean female immigrant liberal) have had to get the Jab for work-related mandates while her mother (a nurse of 20+ years) recently had her unemployment suspended due to her not wanting to go back to work because her employer is forcing her to get the jab. Last week on my way to drop off my wife at her job, I saw nurses and doctors protesting in front of a hospital in Brooklyn due to the vaxx mandate. It's surreal to see how ass backwards large metropolitans operate under a authoritarian regime, while the rest of the country proceeds at a fairly normal rate with mask mandates, 6 ft social distancing, and frequent sanitization seeming becoming effective and people have the choice to get vaxxed or not. Additionally I have been vocal regarding my opposition to Vaccine passports and disclosing my vaccination status to businesses as I feel it is a invasion of privacy as well as a HIPAA Violation. I urge anyone who took the time to read this to pursue active, peaceful opposition to any COVID mandate set forth by your local government such as COVID Passports and mandatory jabs and to maintain 6ft rule, consistent sanitation, masks in public spaces, and limit unnecessary exposure in large gatherings. Please do not resort to physical or verbal violence as this will only serve to undermine freedom and to further the agenda of parties with active investments such as pharmaceutical corporations and local government. Lastly, COVID needs to be treated as a medical issue and not one of politics, anytime politics gets embedded into a issue, we often stagnate and even regress instead of working thing out and proceeding forward.

  8. Keep highlighting this ridiculousness as long as you can, good sir. Your jab protects you from serious illness , the evidence seems lacking it meaningfully reduces transmission. But yet you supposedly need to get it to protect other people.

    I'm fully vaccinated,not for my benefit, but because I felt forced by my government with vaccine passports looming. Even though I already had natural immunity having caught covid previously.

    No jab no job and no jab, no life are completely against human rights, create a two tier society and also is going to hamstring us as we try to get our economy moving again as we start to see the effects of all the lockdowns and restrictions rocket prices and taxes up. It's time to actually respect each other again and be pro choice about this.

  9. I was fully prepared to quit my Job over this, but when I rang the Jobcentre I was told it was not a valid reason for claiming JSA and I probably would be rejected. So faced with being fired with no other sources of income I was forced to get it. I fucking hate myself for being so weak but everywhere I rang said they needed proof of vaccination.

  10. Those figures are absolute Bullshit, otherwise they wouldn't need to threaten ppl to take it or lose their jobs. And now the same mandate has been brought in here….. Disgraceful.

  11. Democrats love our heroic healthcare workers SO Much that if they don't conform to the Left's mandates, they can starve and be homeless as a reward for their heroism…
    That's how Leftists reward heroes.

  12. You could always have a back up if your channel's deleted, by having something on Rumble, like Karlyn Borysenko, or your own website, like the Lotus Eaters, with Sargon etc.
    Often other options, just so you can speak unencumbered.

  13. 🎶"Soldier boy,made of clay,now an empty shell
    Twenty one,only son,but he served us well
    Bred to kill,not to care,do just as we say
    Finished here,greetings Death,he's yours to take away!🎶
    – Metallica –
    'Disposable Heroes'

  14. The Chinese system is the blue print for the west. Surveillance state, social credit, state snitching. Cashless society, no bad words towards the state tolerated. Wonderful utopia is on its way 👏👏👏🤪

  15. No get vaccinated so we get this over with and to protect the ones who can't. the nurses who literally chose not to and Could get it… they are endangering people. idc who you are but that's just blatant endangerment.

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