Healthcare workers call for a pause to vaccine rollout to healthy children

‘Our new incoming Government and Health Secretary have a wonderful opportunity to stop the damage from continuing to rollercoaster on.’

Professor Angus Dalgleish explains why he believes the Covid-19 vaccine rollout to healthy children should be paused.

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  1. They aren’t taking any notice to it because the information is being hidden I’m sure as it has and is here in the US completely hiding anything negative any negative information relating to the Jab!

  2. The push to vaccinate children does it not have its roots in Big Pharma extending their emergency use therefore continuing their legal immunity to prosecution for the landslide of injuries their products are causing.
    People like Bill Gates and his foundation have donated money to the very medical agencies that decided to give these jabs to children.
    A conflict of interest here that goes right to the top even government.
    It must be stopped.

  3. 4:20 the more absurd the orthodoxy the better it works….
    For example after CIA blew up the Russian Pipeline they blame the Russia for blowing up their own pipeline
    … Absurdity is still in Vogue

  4. Senator of California Richard Pan passed a law giving 12-year-olds the option of getting vaccinated without parents permission…
    Wait it gets worse…
    AB2098 punishes medical doctors who go against the official C19 narrative

  5. where were al the dead bodies in the street to step over during this pandemic? did all infected and diseased decide to croke behind closed doors at conveniently warm and bedded times?

  6. The difference in the vaccinated vs the unvaccinated is that if you’ve had the vaccine, doctors will give you water to drink so you don’t die in the hospital of dehydration or other forms of medical malfeasance.

  7. Good on you GB News. You are a brightening light in the UK's rancid media darkness, but the title of this video is a bit weasely. "Healthcare workers"? They're a bit more credentialled and up on the whole subject than that! Professor Angus Dalgleish is the Principal of the Institute of Cancer Vaccines and Immunotherapy, and Dr. Elizabeth Evans is the co-founder of UK Medical Freedom Alliance.

  8. They're paying out à Pity full compensation to those who have been maimed by this evil drug. But still going ahead with this obscene agenda of jabbing children. The government have not been held to account and they should have been. Parents should simply say NO. 'Just say No' as the 1980's anti drug song went.

  9. Hebrews 11
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  10. As an anti-vaxxer I believe this vaccination to be dangerous, to health. If it was SO safe, why is big pharma, immune to prosecution for vaccine injuries? Why are medical professionals like Dr. Vernon Coleman, Dr. Robert Malone – Dr. Shirley Tenpenny, completely silenced and doxxed? Brain & heart lesions, that never heal. They will hang, SAGE & the CDC, when the truth comes out, fully.

  11. ON PAPER, the elite gits will have been jabbed fully. On paper they will, I myself doubt any of them have been getting it. Like My God, Fauci was caught out when holding the wrong arm after his (fake) shot. Jab was given in his left arm and 48hours later a reporter asks about any illness or side effects, he then holds his right arm massaging it saying, it's a bit sore at the injection site. Really Fauc? Wrong arm D H. WAR CRIMES GOING ON DAILY, and i'm not talking about their manipulated manufactured proxy war being fought right now. WAR CRIMES FOR THEIR INHUMANE TREATMENT IN JABBING HARMLESS INNOCENT FOLKS! They shamed the unvaxed and even made life bloody dangerous for them by calling it a virus of the unvaxed. They created hate and division. This is not a caring all-inclusive way to do things to your own citizens, but it is a common tactic in a war. Divide & conquer. I have lost all faith in our leadership and in our NHS. ALL ABOUT Money, FOLLOW IT!

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