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  1. You know I think that Amber Herd has a screw loose that's the only way to even try to understand why she has done what she has done.Why in the world would she fool around with another man especially when she was married to a man like Johnny Depp he is a true gentleman,he truly cares about people Any woman from the age of 20 to 100 yrs old would give anything to have a man like Johnny Depp to come home to. Plus she fooled with Eion musk his name makes my stomach turn and he may have money but he is not good looking at all just gross 🤢 but Amber Herd wasn't sleeping with old Muskrat for his looks it was his money she was sleeping with. I hope Amber Herd gets just what is coming to her. No matter what this trifling witch 🧹 says about Johnny Depp I will always stand up for Johnny Depp not because of his looks but because he is an amazing person.# Justice for Johnny Depp

  2. It feels like little more than a self-serving self-aggrandizing lie to call someone "the nameless person" as if you're either showing respect by not mentioning them, or showing extended disrespect by refusing to give their designation credence, and yet show it dozens of times in the actual video content.

    I don't personally give a fuck, I think this entire situation is just pointless. But you're still kind of coming off as a dick.

  3. All actions taken by the nameless person are resulted by having an exaggerated sense of self-importance; a sense of entitlement; expecting to be recognized as superior without warranted achievements; belittling people, esoecially JD; and taking advantage of others to get what she wants… all points to one personality trait: NARCISSISTIC!

  4. OMG…An assistant witnessed arguments @ their house…said AH started fights alot–Once, Johnny was holding her hand & then let it go to go do something…she freaked out & said "you must not love me" & proceeded to get unhinged about it. Who the F thinks this way? Poor Johnny. I mean that. She's a PSYCHO !!

  5. Nothing bad happens to amber she was at fasionweek got into Aquaman 2 she bought a kid to laugh at judge and say u cant put me in jail now and just pays a nanny to watch it..she dont care nothing happens bad to her she wins and laughing about it

  6. The more I think about it the more I believe EM is paying for her legal expenses but through the ACLU so it doesn't look like hes doing it and I think he knows how guilty she is and how bad she is as a mother that by making sure the VA trial is as legit as possible and no one has been blackmailed or bribed that she'll get what she deserves and then he can step in and get baby oonagh. I also think that turdie might of been holding out to get EM back waiting for his relationship to end and the legal cases to finish and that's why she's only been with women since. I don't know why, just a gut feeling

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