Heard REMOVED from Aquaman 2 COMPLETELY?! She BLAMES Jason Momoa?!


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  1. And today, in court, Amber claimed that she could not act in Aquaman because every time there was a combat scene she would fall apart. Sorry, but you can't have an actor breaking down every time there is an action scene. That is simply too much time lost- and when you making a show, time is a lot of money. The production cost gets flushed down the toilet.

  2. I never cared to watch Umbrella man. I have said some things. I may not see eye to eye with you on some things, but Damn, I feel the same way about Amber, that you do! I can't imagine her getting away with this case, I think the mainstream media has an agenda and they favor Amber so there are those people who believe the news, instead of finding out the truth. they go along with the media who is one sided for the most part. They don't know what is going on in court, and I can't believe there are more than five people that are rooting for Amber. She has proven herself unworthy of a man like Johnny.

  3. I signed the petition. I feel bad for Jason Momoa, he didn't do anything. I just can't support her in anyway. I'd love to see the movie if she's not in it.

  4. Hopefully he wins for himself and family. That hopefully will open male DV survivors to be able to come forward. You're not weak. These are sick women. No DV victims at all if people know they'll be prosecuted, hopefully.

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  6. The thought of her being removed is a blessing for everyone….especially Warner Bros as many no doubt would have boycotted it just because she was in it ….IMO.
    I hope she never gets another movie role, modelling, or anything. She thinks it’s ok to destroy a person and sit there blatantly in court with evidence to prove otherwise and says everyone but HER are lying….yep right. Guess what AH, the world isn’t stupid and everyone can see through your lies deception narcissistic behaviour nasty evil tangled web you wove….guess karma is about to pay you a visit….it’s the least she deserves.
    I pray Johnny wins this case, but as everyone knows it’s in the hands of the jury, so even though we all think he will win, after Casey Anthony case, no one is safe from a jury verdict. BUT it the public eye Johnny is hands down the winner, very few support that other person so in my eyes he has won, I just pray the jury votes the same way. If it doesn’t then my trust in justice is completely and utterly gone forever ……..

  7. Let's be clear:
    Perjury != Being wrong in your testimony
    Perjury != Believing something false that you testified to

    Perjury = knowingly and willingly giving false testimony under oath.

  8. I hope she is removed from Aquaman II. I haven’t seen Aquaman (the first one) yet. Just tried to. And just COULDN’T watch it last night…once AH started appearing. Turned it off. Have invited some people over (tomorrow) for a BBQ. And will put it on. The special effects are supposed to be amazing. I love a lot of the other actors in the movie. I WANT to see Aquaman….since I didn’t have to PAY for it. But am too distracted by AH and can’t appreciate the movie at all.

  9. They definitely fkd up doing business with her. Telling 4.3 million ppl their voices don't matter just lost them a LOT of $$.. Ppl definitely aren't going to even want to go see Aqua an 2 because of that.

  10. Of course, she blames everyone for everything. I hope she’s a better mother than she is a friend, partner, actress and employer! Being a mother is about all she’s got left to do right. Crossing my fingers for that beautiful little girl!

  11. All Heard has achieved is proof of her brutal, selfish, narcissistic, unstable character and exposed lie after lie… perjured herself in 2 countries courts and lied on paperwork in Australia about bringing her dogs illegally into the country. Nobody can believe anything she says.

  12. Aquaman 2 shooting is completed and Amber is already paid. It makes no sense to remove her from the movie. All the media hype will only help Amber .
    Real Petition should be to remove her from Aquaman 3.

  13. The fact that educated ppl listen to and believe liars with no evidence proves this country as a bias disgrace to real actual justice. Makes a good man want to separate from this bogus society just to keep safe from them and their false "innocent until proven guilty lies" let alone take a chance on crossing paths with an att4active AH type that fakes loves and like kinds of ppl.

  14. Amber Heard- deserves TO LOOSE EVERYTHING THAT SHE TOOK FROM JOHNNYS LIFE EVERYTHING!!!! His CAREER JOBS MONEY FRIENDS HIS GOOD NAME AND TITLES HE GAVE 56 years to build !!! SHE DESERVES TO BE BLACKLISTED EVERYWHERE !!! She LIED AND NEVER PAID ANY DUES !! SHE WAS A NOBODY BEFORE JOHNNY !!! Now she will NEVER EVER BE FAMOUS OR A SOMEBODY !!!! She has used abused and did nothing but use her Sex and. Body and HAS NOW BLACKMAILED 4 OF HER LOVERS ELLON IS GETTING THE WORST !! SHE HAS CHEATED ON EVERYONE SHE IS WITH !! She blackmails them with sex drugs ecstasy mdma Molly & S & M SEX ACTS FACTS !! Then TAKES RECORDINGS ,VIDEOS , PICTURES & USES THEM AGAINST THEM MEN OR WOMEN !!! ⚠️⚠️⚠️BEWARE THIS IS HER SICK NARCISSIST WAY OF LIFE !!! She now has a INNOCENT CHILD TO USE AND IS !!!! She has shown and been proven to lie cheat steal blackmail cry rape abuse , plot , she plans every assault very well. !! She got caught with Johnny !!! He TOLD HIS TRUTH AND PROVED THE EVIL SICK ANIMAL SHE IS !!!! Beware everyone she will NEVER CHANGE !!! SHE SHOULD BE IN JAIL FOR ALL SHE DOES !!!! I PRAY SOMEONE TAKES N SAVES THAT CHILD !!!✝️😇❤️⚠️⚠️😡!!! 🇺🇸JUSTICE MUST BE GAVE TO JOHNNY DEPP !!! We BELIEVE in lady Justice to stop AMBERS TERROR !!! She must be stopped !!!

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