Heard SECRETLY ATTACKS Witnesses and Supporters! They’re REMOVED FROM COURT!


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  1. she needs be conment of court eve Barlow and lawyers of Turddy. not right 😕 😪 😢 I she to be find heavy and jail she interfering with court .come 😑 judge what fair here

  2. 3 minutes before the start of this clip, on the live stream, you can see the lawyer turn around. He speaks to those women in the gallery. Then, Mr. Rottenborn takes a cell phone from on of them (section 4 of the court rules issued by the judge is broken) and then this scene happens. Consequences?

    *Thank you TuG* You talked about this and Eve has been removed from the courtroom by the judge. Its the 4/15/22 document posted to the fairfax courthouse website under High profile> Depp

  3. Are we positive you aren't allowed to use cell phones and laptops in a courtroom? Why didn't the judge call the lawyer out for having his phone in his hand? How come the woman next to eve Barlow got to stay?

  4. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Johnny had his phone out. I love his green phone case.

    She was seated with the legal team and the legal team is absolutely allowed to use certain devices

  5. To Umbrella Guy, I can't believe this amber heard that we tried to support through movie career of Aquaman 2, honestly i hope she loses:/ She is a terrible person and deserves to be let go. And prevented from participating in any other movies.

  6. Glad Johnny got this to be public so everyone can see not only the testimony, but the variety of ways in which Amber is AH is attempting to maintain control. It says a lot more about the relationship and claims she's made than she might realize. Hopefully AH meets the outcome she deserves and Johnny can be released from this trash. Still can't believe this is allowed to happen.

    With all the attention being brought to trials recently thanks to LawTube, how is there really any hope that the system works when even high profile cases care an absolute mess?

  7. I really hope this judge actually starts to crack down.
    She must realise that as well as JD and and the psycho being on trial, the fairfax court is on trial as to whether they can hold a fair and impartial trial in front of the public who are all watching.
    So far I'm not impressed.

  8. I have always said that social media is the devil. People act like they can't stay off, especially when it counts. AH is going to do everything she can to maintain this lying hoax by pulling dirty tricks & all.

  9. I'd wager Amber Heard is scouring social media 24/7 outside the courtroom, she is just that type of person and she isn't capable of living without looking into this mess she's created, she is a control freak that feels she requires to be in control of her own image, impossible as that is she attempts as much, even though that is exactly what's gotten her into this mess in the first place.

    Remember, Depp decided to sue Amber after Amber was being relentless towards her defamation of Depp, to garner fame off of his absolute destruction through her defamation and slander, Amber Heard tried and tried destroying Depp's image but the fans have not quite budged as they requested evidence to show Depp being as Amber implies and Amber is found wanting for any viable evidence to show she isn't lying. Amber has no viable evidence to show for it outside clearly manipulated and edited evidence that is clearly made out to make Depp look bad, and the data within these pieces will be heavily in question even though Amber's lawyers claim the photos given to Depp's lawyers were the originals when evidence shows they clearly were not.

    We all can fudge with lighting and contrast, using photoshop to create the perception of bruising and supposed abuse easily, and imho those pictures were not about Depp but her pictures trying to score the acne medication she was always on mostly. I found it quite hilarious that Depp's own witness mentioned that she used Arnica cream, not Amica as Amber's lawyers began testifying to day one claiming as though it's some miracle treatment that removes split lips and bruising overnight and went to promoting Arnica cream on day two lol!! The cream cannot just get rid of bruising overnight and the objections from Amber's lawyers prove they know Amber is lying and are doing their best to get around that blatant lie, obfuscation is all they have because they simply cannot explain how Amber's own lie puts her the day before being seen on a late-night comedy show without said abuse, no amount of makeup or cream would hide that from plain sight.

    Also, professional makeup artists, like the one who said Amber was wearing no makeup and she saw no signs of any abuse, bruising, two black eyes or a split lip, their job is to clean the face fully before applying their trade, so even if Amber was wearing makeup prior the professional makeup person would have seen the supposed abuse firsthand when she cleaned Amber's face of remaining makeup prior to applying the makeup of her own. It's how professional makeup artists do such a good job, makeup already on could complicate their trade, the mixture of creams and chemicals would likely have a negative reaction to one another making the makeup look horrid, and its why professional makeup artists first priority is to remove all makeup from the person they are doing work on.

  10. Why is the blonde heavy set lady still in the COURT ROOM.?? No one except for lawyers are to have a computer and their phones in sight. Everyone else is to not have a computer and have their phones out of sight and put up at all times. I KNOW I READ THE RULES OF THE VA TRIAL COURT ROOM.

  11. When I was watching Gina Deuter's testimony I thought, "This woman isn't too bright" and, sure enough, she was dumb enough to be posting on social media and got herself booted. With witnesses like that who needs enemies??!? JFC.

  12. I bet AH is playing Barlow, keeping her dangling on a hook, she probably does just enough to provide the belief that if it wasn't for all the distress and emotional turmoil she's going though they'd ABSOLUTELY be a REAL couple and not just a booty call for when Heard doesn't have any better choices, and that even though Barlow is THE most important person in the world to her, now is just not the right time…but when it's all over honey than it'll just be the 2 of them…in the meantime sweety, can you just post this comment for me, and put out this tweet I've written for you…and because Barlow is besotted she's more than willing to go along with what she knows are blatant lies

  13. No matter how this trial comes out AH will come out looking worse than will smith, also make sure everybody in the comments take to social media and spread the info of the dirty tactics AH used-do not smear just use facts. The power of the little guys like us can equal big media companies.

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