Heatwave Alarmism and Climate Lockdowns

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  1. Me laughing in Australian "that's a nice day"
    30c+ is good weather, not a heatwave, 40+ continued for over a month is a heatwave.
    And I'm in the south of the country.
    You don't even get bushfires occuring, starting naturally.Quit complaining.

  2. Look out the cloud moved. Duck and cover in your house or the person next to you might contaminate you with a stray reflection of light. Your pasty white skin might boil and catch fire.

  3. Its not isolated to Europe. Heat and drought will drive massive migration northwards. Every part of the world is hotter than it used to be, year after year. This is one issue where conservatives are completely tone deaf.

  4. half the world deals with 40c all the time, this is utterly ridiculous. At least when they advice people not to drive in a snowstorm its because theres no infrastructure to clear the roads in time, this is just.. ugh

  5. I was going to crack a joke at the UK expense but then i remembered they see the sun about as often as vampires so to them it would be equally terrifying.

  6. First question is: When were the "Heat Warning" levels created? (Guessing it was around the time that the "Health and Safety" became a University course).
    Second question is: How do the temperatures compare with earlier times such as the 1910's and 1930's? (Rhetorical question, they were far worse for a variety of reasons)

  7. It's supposed to be over 100 degrees for the next week here. I just lay in front of the a/c and fan during the hottest parts of the day because of my blood pressure.

  8. I live in Australia, these temperatures are our normal summers here in Queensland and I don’t recall hearing about any cars bursting into flame. Climate alarmist BS.

  9. The reason the left needs "gwobal wOwOming" is so they can pretend that they have greater grip on the world than they actually have. The idea that the world exists without their permission offends them, because even the rain falling without their say-so puts their authority into question.

  10. Freaking out over a rare 104F? Yeah that's a bit hot, but it is routinely that hot here during the summer. Not life threatening unless you were about to die anyway.

  11. Why is the solution to climate change to put what is essentially mirrors all over the place? Why do I imagine a person on the beach with a tanning reflector and get nervous when the activist says we should do this all over the world with solar panels?

    While I realize that the amount of light reflected is a lot less than something like tin foil, it still reflects light. It is surely going to be much more than natural materials.

  12. Reminds me of an old Top Gear clip where the boys sat in a Merc and cranked the heat up full blast to see whom would get out first. Go play Car Sauna kids, if you want to feel miserable.

  13. I live in Texas where summer heat is the norm. It was 106 degrees and, although hot, it's not abnormal.
    I lived in Scotland for a few years and I felt more threatened by the midgies than the heat.

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