Heiress Tries To Shut Down Independent Media & Loses!

CHICAGO! August 7th
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THE JIMMY DORE SHOW is a comedy lifeline for people on the left and right (but definitely NOT the center) who are sick of bought politicians and gaslighting corporate journalists manufacturing consent for wars.


  1. We are not a free society. The wealthy have no obligations to the public good anymore, leaving them to entertain their selfish and meaningless endeavors b/c we let them.

  2. I'm 62. When I was a teen, my dad told me. when things get bad in this country they just start a war. That's the way the US works. He was a much smarter guy than I gave him credit for.

  3. There seems to be more to the story. I'm reading that it wasn't a hundred million but 26 million. A few years after it was awarded to Terry Anderson he declared bankruptcy. I don't think she's an "heiress."

  4. (2:15) She never appeared on Ron Paul's "Liberty Report" unlike "The Nation" or any other left wing news outlet. Watch The Liberty Report with Ron Paul for cutting edge news.

  5. I remember Marines barracks getting "leveled" by a "so called" truck bomb, suicide genius. Funny those israeli's knew Exactly who did it. One guess. You got it Hezbollah, or Iran. Then Ray gun drops 16" shells from a battleship on people's houses. I worked for the Marines back then.

  6. It's sad how quick ppl are to defend the most disgusting actions if "the left" is in the description. As if anyone who votes like u is incapable of impure acts. All any evil billionaire has to do to exploit and pillage with impunity is to spout off CNN talking points…and they are.

  7. speaking of dropping bombs ……. jimmy and blumenthol……. are destroying the war machine… just another day at the office ….. thanks jimmy for loving english speaking people .. without you they would go from one skape goat to another till all men were slaves love your neighbor

  8. Jimmy is one of the few indie hosts that I respect from the bottom of my heart. He's a real seeker of truth. We can all feel the dangers of censorship, but hardly anyone else is talking about it.

  9. I am asking Max to retract that the USG will not assassinate people > in the name of Michael Hastings retract that statement > assassinated in LA

  10. I heard a lot of excuses here for not telling the truth from JD and MB. In a hundred lifetimes I would not do the good they have done, but I hope they will reflect on that and consider that maybe they aren't as important as they think they are. This is just my general observation from my experience that following the truth weherever it leads is the best.
    I knew a year and a half ago that the flu was a shamdemic from the start. Why could they not report on this when the lives of every person on the planet is at stake but you can keep congratulating yourself for Russiagate when anyone with a brain could see that was a sham but only was targeted at one person (Trump)?

  11. until the timeline is corrected, the virus did not start in the wuhan lab. coronavirus 2019 was in the US by October 2019 and Australia in the summer of 2019.

  12. Can't defendants of frivolous lawsuits claim damages because of such? She sounds far more like a liberal than anything else…nice projection.

  13. Funny hearing these guys complain about character assassination and explain exactly what happens when you challenge the deep state. However, they jump on board and promote this deep state propaganda when it comes to Trump and conservatives. ?great example of leftist hypocrisy.