Helicopter footage – 27th Nov 2021

This footage is really inspiring! Well done to all.
Monica can’t go to the protest on foot but there’s nothing in her bail conditions about not going to a protest in the sky 🙂
We show the real footage and explain why we’re doing this.
Check out the footage at 2:50 🙂


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  1. Great journalism right there Monica. Well done.

    Suggestion: Surely there is a technical way to do a close count of crowd sizes??

    Maybe have “drone mobs” on the ground to take good footage too.

    Perhaps take pics of each section of the crowd, visibly mapped out and marked how many are in each, then publish it….

  2. Thank you Monica and your team for presenting this great footage, am doing my little part in promoting this worldwide to try and inspire oppressed folks to fight tyranny in all shapes and forms. WE CAN DO IT

  3. Monica you’re an awesome human being. A great role model for the young. It will be tough but your enthusiasm and spirit somehow carries many to continue on. Thank you

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