HELP! Trudeau’s ‘disinformation’ czar served us with a lawsuit | A terrible thing just happened. I’m sorry to bother you about it, but I really need your help. Rebel News (and me personally) have just been served with a legal notice of intention to bring a lawsuit, sent by Trudeau’s “disinformation” czar, Jean-Christophe Boucher. You can read his threat letter in full, and help us fight back by clicking here: ►

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  1. I’m confused that list says US influenced? Are those accounts influenced by the US and not Russia? Or are those US accounts influenced by Russia but that doesn’t make any sense because half the accounts aren’t in the US.
    I’m also confused why you need money for court when you’ve only received a threat? Maybe I don’t understand what that entails.

  2. If there is indisputable evidence that the defamation that you are accused of are actually true, then just send them the same notice that you are suing them for defamation for spreading mis-information that RN are Russian agents.

  3. Let's collect all Boucher's disinformation reports and see who is funding this beast! Boucher sounds like a spoiled brat and arrogant slime-ball! It's no surprise he's in Trudeau's back pocket and I'm sure he's getting paid royally by Trudeau himself! This fool is no different than the califragilistic czar who was placed as Biden's misinformation/disinformation czar and was immediatley fired but after one day as a trouble-maker and here we go again with the same crap! Our freedoms are our constitutional right! Not his or Trudeau's to take them away! Let's play Boucher's game and shut him down for good! I'm sure Trudeau continues to use his puppets to do his dirty work! Ezra, if it were not for Rebel News so many would be left out in the dark! We can do this together and we will pray against this satanic display of bullyism and insanity this liberal government has yet again imposed on its citizens! We all need to know how important it is to support Rebel News! The sooner we get rid of Trudeau and the likes of Boucher the better off we will all be! Keep on keepin on Rebel News!

  4. You guys have to be the sacrifice.
    You didn’t do a good enough job.
    Too unprofessional
    I watch certain things not on topics but on enjoying the conversation
    You guys have lost it. Too not on point and too aggressive?
    You didn’t get my vote in all this at all.
    I like the mechanic talking the current Events. I like anything that’s impartial but reports what the main stream doesn’t.
    Good luck to rebel but your days are numbered. It’s too grade 3 when we are are grade 10 averages

  5. I've been around a fairly long time, but I've never seen the kooky, corrupt, and ungodly side of Canada so much as when Trudeau came to power. The kooks are everywhere like cockroaches in a slum(which unfortunately is the Canada of today). Time to turn on the lights again and send them scurrying back into their holes where they belong. Mr Boucher should settle down and mind his own business. The truth comes through dialogue, not censorship.

  6. Here we are thanks to Canadian politicians and governments special the present prime minister "CASTRO JUNIOR" who loves "NAZISM & SOCIALISM" supported by the education "ARROGANT RADICALS"

  7. Trudeau is bar none the worst Prime Minister to ever sit in the PM's seat. He cares nothing for Canada or Canadians. He despises anyone who would dare disagree with him about anything. He is using the public purse like his very own ATM and thinks that all Canadians should just be okay with that. He is little more than a WEF mouth puppet who wants so desperately to be an official part of NATO when his PM hoax is done. Canada and Canadians deserve so much better than what they are getting from this Liberal/NDP government and it is only a matter of time before Trudeau finally cooks his own Canada goose.

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