Her Crime Associates Are TURNING ON HER In Court… BIG UPDATES!


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  1. Nothing will ever happen to anyone. I’ve given up on our justice system. I’ve about given up on this country. The Democrats have ruined this whole country and I can hardly afford to live here anymore

  2. Every time Hillary Clinton gets busted in the news and democrats are behind in the polls, we get a school shooting. No one cared about the subway shooter or the black neighborhood shooter so they had to ramp it up and slaughter kids. Police waited 40 minutes outside fighting with and holding back parents while the killer rampaged inside.

  3. Of course they are going to rat her out and flee the sinking & burning ship in the harbor! She was just a Paycheck and possible Government Position. But when it came down to THEM or HER going to jail, They uttered for the Last Time: “I’m with Her (going to jail over me)!”

  4. – Whistleblowers: "If we all talk she can't suicide us all!"
    – Rhodan: "Damn you Mothramp!!!"

    – (If you had a sub for every time they lied and you wer right you would amost be to a million subs…wait a minute..)

  5. another example why they want censorship and why censorship is bad … when the fact check police are the greedy and corrupt ones running the censorship we all lose. This is why we fight for free speech so the next administration won't be able to take everyone's rights away. It's a constant battle and they will try anything to wear us down so we give up our GOD given rights to live in the pursuit of happiness, they have no more right to it than we do.

  6. Hillary may never go to prison because of her lies and deceit but she's hated enough to never again be appointed or elected to any political position of power or importance. She’ll just continue to wrinkle and then wither away into obscurity like her unfaithful husband also should.

  7. Just imagine…fake news back in 2016 raced to any story that would tarnish Trump in the hopes of gaining more viewers. Now all those viewers get to watch these idiots eat crow! Makes me feel warm all over.

  8. Democratic party is the new Syndicate. The Mafia– The Crime Family that controls drug trade, false racial conflict and a Ghost Army of White Supremacy hiding in every attic to distract and mislead the gullible, hormone and soy addled minds of an easily manipulated population of real "special people" who lack the intelligence to realize how seriously STUPID they have actually become- among other things, parents are CONDONING and lining up to have their children permanently sexually mutilated and drugged they believe this is 'freedom" and an ultimate expression of the end of discrimination and racism–
    They've been actually brainwashed into PROMOTING this horror–and that's not the worst example of the beginning of true racial and sexual harmony in the universe

  9. And there is so much information that they are not even talking about the Obammasmomma campaign,spying on Trump all that information needs to be made in a court.

  10. Bill Gates is not a positive force in this world. That is clearly apparent! Elon Musk is the king of the world. The worst thing you can say about Elon Musk is that he is not corrupt. You can’t buy his opinions! You can’t post this on a video about the Gates/musk controversy. So share this please. It’s not illerrvant!

  11. The democrat Left will do Anything to defend their crimes, and power. The democrats know if they Lose they will actually be investigated, which could cost them the entire democrat party which the Left has to keep from happening.

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