Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Is Dead

Politics of The Crown

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  1. the US Flag at half staff is a part of federal law, "Flag Code," under 4 USC Part 7(m) where the flag is flown at half staff on the death of a foreign head of state upon instruction of the President.

  2. As an American this does not affect me directly but I am a believer in tradition and the Queen was a world Icon of it. As mentioned in the beginning of this video she was a wealth of wisdom and decorum from a time to easily forgotten. though still hopeful, I fear she was a last standing bastion against politics and government governed by the media and I fear for Brittan's political future.

  3. The Queen is dead and her United Kingdom won't be far behind her if you limey gits don't pull your heads out of your asses and start fixing your shit. Mourn your failing legacy, not a monarch who led you to it.

  4. It is strange. As someone who often delves into politics professionally I never even thought about how important she was. I knew it. I acted as if she was. It was more a part of normality than something you actually made light of, like how you take for granted water comes out of your faucet. I found out rather late and I almost feel ashamed I did.

  5. Watching the left being so awful is making me sick. My deepest condolences to her family and to our friends across the pond, I just lost my great-grandmother a couple of weeks ago as well. We've lost a tremendous woman and treasure of the world.

  6. Though your country is in mourning, celebrate her life. Her achievements, trials, hardships and victories, celebrate them all. Remember who she was and how she stood against the tide, let her strength temper yours for the times ahead.

  7. my condolences to my british cousins across the pond. as an american ive never had mush use for royalty, but i understand the importance of symbology and tradition. once again, my condolences.

  8. God save the Queen,
    Long live the king .

    I'm just dismayed that Africans and Americans and afro Americans are being so disrespectful to our monarch and people like Ash Sarkar … People like Ash should be deported back from wherever their native land is, and the African people's should have foreign aid scrapped till we have state apologies and possible clamp downs

  9. My condolences go out to all British patriots. This is indeed an end of an era. It want to deeply thank the Queen Elizabeth II for graciously accepting and hosting the Dutch Royal Family during the German occupation of the Second World War. Without her hospitality and grace, our monarchy might have ended. This along with your other countless great deeds will not be forgotten. May you rest in peace.

  10. The UK has given far more than it has taken. Across the once great empire, places built by the UK are still in use. Culture, law, education, and many other important functions of a society were left for those once apart of the United Kingdom. Queen Elizabeth the II was the final piece of this once great Kingdom. All gone now with her passing.

  11. I'm from the Philippines, (not part of the commonwealth spaniards were our master in the past lol) most of my friends are gutted when it was announced the majesty died. She was so iconic and our link to the past. She wasn't only the Queen of Britain and the Empire but she was a grandmother for everyone with the wildest stories and humor we all enjoy to listen. My condolences go out to Britain and the Commonwealth, Rest in Peace.

  12. Honestly having friends who are citizens within the Commonwealth nations has helped me soften in my views towards the British monarchy. I’m no monarchist; however, I’m DISGUSTED by how ghoulish people are being with respect to Her Majesty’s passing.

    Queen Elizabeth’s reign was the longest for anyone living in the UK or the Commonwealth nations and she was the ONLY monarch the majority of the people knew. Even in America, Queen Elizabeth reigned from the presidency of Eisenhower all the way to the Biden Administration. Her death is significant even to those who aren’t monarchists.

    Those who wish to condemn Her Majesty for being the head of an Imperial power should also remember one thing, Queen Elizabeth oversaw the relatively peaceful dissolution of the British Empire and that’s even flying in the face of De Gaulle trying to maintain the French Colonial Empire.

    Does the passing of the Queen ultimately mean much to me as an American? No. But despite this, I can respect the cultural symbol and the sheer gut punch that this has on our cousins across the pond and throughout the Commonwealth of Nations.

    Was Queen Elizabeth perfect? No. But she was the one constant in the lives of the British people. I think the earliest memory I have of hearing about the Queen is when she had the Star Spangled Banner played at Buckinghan Palace on September 13, 2001 in the wake of the attack on the World Trade Center.

    So as weird as this is going to sound coming from an American: God save the King.

  13. I’m going to take a different approach to this. The loss of HM Queen Elizabeth II is akin to the loss of a world leader, the leader of your country and commonwealth, and the loss of a grandmother. I said it, the west lost its nana yesterday. And these stories prove it. Fall out with the PM? The Queen Nana™️ has you over for dinner to fix things. That’s wisdom to guide not only the UK, but the world. She was a hell of a woman, she will be missed, and she’s likely the last of her kind.

  14. I actually think that Charles will officially be King but like the Danish, William and Catherine will do most of the Royal duties due to his age. It’ll be like an apprenticeship for William. Ginge and Minge must be kicking themselves. William will be made Prince of Wales shortly and if Ginge was still a working Royal he may have gotten the Prince of Edinburgh title. Personally I think it may go to Prince Louis, William’s youngest one day.

    I don’t think it matters who you are, you can respect the Queen for doin* her duty until the end.

  15. As an American, I just wish to pass along my condolences to the British people. Though we separated from the Monarchy long ago, most of us here have nothing but admiration for Queen Elizabeth. She has to have been the most dignified and honorable person I've ever heard of. 💐

  16. The problem for Charles is that he takes more after his father than his mother, where as William takes after his Grandmother, and I can just see Charles' mouth irreparably damaging the Monarchy. For the good of the country he should step aside for his son.

  17. Its strange that when king charles after losing his mum the Queen went out shaking hands when a few women strangers thought it o.k to kiss the king then brag about it i can imagin what would have happend if a man had kissed the Queen when she was alive.

  18. I don't think you actually understand the American ethos as well as you think you do. When a president dies, we mourn. Maybe those we didn't live under their administration don't, but those who did certainly do. The reason your entire country mourns the Queen is because you all, every single one of you, knew her, and knew her reign. The same can't be said for our leaders, and that is by design. Your monarchs, at the time of our separation, had a tendency towards tyranny. The term limit for the president is partially to keep the cult of personality from infecting the nation. It is unfortunate that we don't feel as deeply for our leaders as you do for yours, but this is a lesson we learned FROM you. It is deeply unfotunate that we were so abused by the crown that we felt it better to never see ourselves in another man or woman to that extent again. I feel very badly for the British and wish that the libertarians and such would be more respectful here, and I think nothing but good things about the Queen. But you seem to think that the Americans don't also believe that their country does things "as they should be done". We don't live thinking about some contract. We live thinking that this is how things should be. We just don't have those ideas embodied by a living person the way you do.

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