Her Plan Completely FAILED! This Is Crazy…


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  1. oh so a black chick tells racist lies and gets away with it…she should of askd white people for 100 million dollar's and burned down a few city's that would of proved her point way better

  2. "Denier" is their "fill in the blank" put down for whatever the left wants to accuse the right of. Nothing behind it, just yelling their accusations and seeing if they can get it to land on their mark. THEY*HAVE*NOTHING but catch phrases and empty accusations.

  3. Anyone from Provo or surrounding areas knows this would NEVER happen. Did they mention it’s BYU!? IF it did happen that person would be reported immediately and be on the front page the next day.

  4. I'm not a fan of BYU, and I consider them to be the Ned Flanders of universities, but I cannot imagine this happening in their arena. I have attended a number of athletic events in Provo, and have never heard anything worse than a "gosh darnit!" even when they were losing. Once, I was surrounded by an immense crowd of BYU fans when my team won, and they congratulated me on my team's win. The Duke player either must have bad or imaginative hearing, or is simply telling a lie.

  5. I grew up in a hicktown bunch of actual racists it made me fight skinheads I grew up fighting literally because people who were racist but now I actually hate these people more because of their disingenuousness because they are treating people in ways they did not want them selves to be treated that is unconscionable regardless of your reasoning

  6. I hope she & Duke get sued multiple times by multiple people & by BYU. That is when this bullshit stops being fun and it will put a stop to it when Duke is on the hook for $12,500,000 and slap her with a $1,250,000 judgement, 1year in jail and 12 years on probation.

  7. Classic leftoid commies "we need enemy or we will fall apart, if there is no enemy, we will imagine one". Modern left is literally doing what china is doing with manufactured outrage, accusations, pretending to have moral high ground and, obviously, endless hypocrisy and projections.

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