Here We Go Again!

Bill Gates has called for a global surveillance team to spot future pandemic threats – and potentially enact lockdowns – and by coincidence, he’d be in charge. No issues there then. #BillGates #Pandemic #Covid


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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. I loved you.. Then I became self aware.. I still liked you, but my perception of reality had changed.. I felt we were policy/ideologically polarised.. But I feel like we're synchronised again.. And clearly do millions of other people.. 🙏👌👍

  2. I tuned in on a couple of these interviews also – they were frightening, really . I mean, he is rich and this gives him license to make these decisions? He has NEVER been forthright or transparent in other of his WHO in Africa. In addition, right off the bat – the WHO has been caught in the big lies!
    Germ Games oh, hell no! They should go to his personal island an participate and preform these games!
    Ugh 😣

  3. Always the super rich who think they know best ,an politicians who know what's best for us ,but not one time do they stop an think maybe the people won't listen or won't comply, im here to let Bill an all other rich an politicians know this ,they wouldn't be anything without US the people, an ill die before I ever listen to bill gates.

  4. I have more respect for Soros than Gates… at least Soros admits that he believes he is God and uses his own money to destroy human society. Gates wants to use our money to destroy us… not my doctor!

    Germ games?? More like bio warfare games!!! Time to send special ops!!

  5. Bill Gates is a criminal who is funding bird virus gain of function research to make the virus specifically deadly to humans. WHY? The ONLY think you would do with this research when, not if, when it is successful is to weaponize it against humanity.

  6. Sorry, but other than more transparency and no profits off the pandemic you have not put forward any improvement or alternative to Gates's plan, instead smearing it with suspicions of alternative motives that you fail to prove. You're suspicious of the plan bc it comes from a rich dude, so you throw it away and put in its place … nothing.
    We need solutions, not suspicions, because the next pandemic might be more lethal than Covid and you won't have 1 million deaths in the US but 100 million deaths.

  7. Bill Gates' is part of the problem, not the solution, IMO. He always looks miserable and should manage his own health and backyard before trying to help anyone else. He was against vaccine sharing and removing the patents which prevented vaccines being made in developing countries. You can Google his interviews about this – it's public record, Russell has reported on it and even mainstream media was shocked at his comments on it. He made his fortune off patents so that was no surprise.
    A guy who cosied up to Epstein after his criminal conviction, who Melinda now claims "personified evil", which staff later claim Gates did because Epstein promised him a nobel prize for his philanthropy. His ego-enhancing mentality is dangerous and ruining the world, not to mention his role in imposing GMOs – you can ask Vandana Shiva about that.
    This new book is available for 25 bloody pounds. Shouldn't it be available for free by PDF if it's that important? Doesn't the guy have enough? I say that prematurely and it may end up being offered free, but for now it's 25 pounds. Either way, this is not a guy I want in charge, a guy who funds the WHO and even after all it's failures and ineffectiveness during the previous pandemic, wants our trust in the next one? No thanks. I hope he disappears from public life completely.

  8. He had 5.9million yesterday and now it says 5.6million 🤔 obviously possible to drop numbers but he is constantly growing so strange to see opposite

  9. Who the F is Bill Gates??? Besides a college dropout, to tell us to do or recommend ANYTHING?????? Why is he ALLOWED to become the LARGEST OWNER OF FARMLAND???

  10. Clearly both Team Capitalist (U.S.) and Team Autocrat (China) botched responses to Covid 19. Not a very good outlook for handling bigger problems such as drought, crop failure, PFCs in drinking water, mass migration or rising sea levels.

  11. *******RUSSELL******&CANADA had a pandemic early warning system that was put in place after the first SARS pandemic. it was incrementally scrapped – until it was totally shut down by the time of SARS Cov2. A few governments with those kinds of agencies are all we need. Better than WHO because WHO seems easily captured. This story has not been explored. People died, maybe needlessly. It is worth you looking at.*****

  12. Yeah the head of "WHO", someone how does not hold any academic knowledge of "germs" deciding what to do and how to prevent germs from spreading. Yeah so who is the head of WHO.

  13. Russel, why do you wear a voodoo necklace around your neck?? skull and bones… you’re not into that stuff are you? You’re worth more than that! it can’t save you only Jesus can

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