Here’s Proof Global Elites Will Cause A Crisis

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  1. Do they want to solve the problems or create chaos ?
    Now we have problems. Do they wait until the folks scream for more control and central planing? … Then we have the one world order from the WEF ( and what a pitty and sorry; – but the people wanted it that way)

  2. UN has no control over national banks, thankfully. The UN is acting far outside its original charter. It would help supply side to not have high rates of inflation. How do you get rid of those? Price controls? Oh yeah, that really gives a boost to production incentives. NOT. If costs of production are up, which they are, then prices will go up. If supply is hit hard and is less certain in price as in sanctions and energy for instance, then energy using and repackaging industries of necessity much raise prices. In general if demand is outstripping supply then prices must rise.

  3. What is George and those who think they’ve got money who listens to this may not realize is this is a typical fight between the rich and those beyond money. You may think it was a politician behind it but they’re just ordertakers. If we look at today’s announcement in the various NGOs and mouthpieces of various wings of the elite are trying to do the compel government to take action in a particular way, they all circled around the Klaus Schwab angle of doing what a lot of corporations tend to do: they are shrinking the level of influence of this broad growing leader ship driven by wealth that is making people in the Donald Trump class demand much of the system that the elite have captured since any of us was born.

    Many of the rich who thought that they had to worry about “woke“ sorts of things are fast realizing that the very Godfather that allow for the wealthy to hijack the system and to get rich was not a feature of the system, it was a loophole they use now they want to close. Enter the taxes that are going to be progressively added to everyone’s lives in order for them to make a point. The sad thing, there’s very little politically that can be done to change any of this. Now, what’s the next move when that option is longer on the table?

  4. Remember… We aren't dealing with good people. Do not react as if they misunderstand. They spend all of their time coming up with a way to get to their end goal. They look to Destroy the lessers. Do not assume they are bumbling fools because they keep "Failing", yet they always succeed at getting what they want.

  5. Price fixing? Doesn’t allowing derivatives on commodities constitute price fixing… same difference.. they can’t fix the price unless they get rid of that…

  6. Thought I’d share some random news from australia that interest some in this community… NSW gov is now forcing farmers to give livestock mRNA foot and mouth vax… not long ago the threat of FMD was all over the news and now the state gov solution is to give our food something that leads to disease.

  7. If they implement all these bad policies at once. It will be more difficult to distinguish which polices are worse than the others. When the time comes to do this again. It will be easier for central planners to make all the mistakes, instead of one or two mistakes that could be rectified.

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