Here’s why schools don’t want parents to see what they are teaching their kids.

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Written by Karlyn Borysenko

The focus of my life since 2012 was to bring sanity back to the work environment, because I believe we spend so much time at work that we shouldn’t be miserable. I have an MBA and a PhD in psychology, specializing in industrial/organizational psychology. I have my own practice - Zen Workplace - where I integrate organizational psychology and positive psychology with mindfulness techniques to help make work better. I’m also the Chief Science Officer of RallyBright, where I work to build high-performing, resilient teams.But that’s not how most people know me. Most people know me as a (now former) Democrat of 20 years who went to a Trump rally. The article I wrote about my experience went viral and garnered 3 million views in the first week. I was featured by Fox News, Glenn Beck, Dennis Prager, and on dozens of radio shows, podcasts, and YouTube videos.


  1. My old math teacher posted a social justice mathematics book for her high schoolers on her facebook. She recently took it down cause I actually said something about it. Look these teacher books up! It literally reminds me of North Korea and indoctrinating these kids to think and believe only one way.

  2. I taught in the schools many years ago in Utah and this was going on then. I was told to lie to parents. I was forced to pass students that I knew could not read! I was told by the district that I didn't really have 41 students in my science class because the class sizes are only 28 students per 1 teacher, according to them! The public schools are constantly pushing the left wing agenda. I wish you knew the half of it! I left teaching after 5 years because it was the most dysfunctional, unhealthy system I have had the horror of witnessing & this was over 30 years ago. Wake up America!! Home school your kids or put them in private schools.

  3. Bad enough that a large minority of teaches get off on exercising cheap authority on kids. NOW they think their power extends to the parents! HELL TO THE NO!

  4. came back to see how my comment was doing, pleased to see karlyn borysenko is so fragile that she'll delete a comment that is opposed to her view KEKW

  5. Mommy, Mommy, the big Orange man wants to debate me.
    Don't worry Joey, Mommy (nancy) will protect you.
    Now go back down to the basement Joey and don't worry.
    That's my Opinion. What's yours?

  6. Has this principle read the BLM manifesto? I would make her a copy and read it together and force her to answer for those hateful and anti-American statements and demands.

  7. oh god this argument is terrible. Im going to break it down.

    Logical Fallacies:
    1. correlation is not causation: your entire argument hinges on the idea that teachers are indoctrinating kids with left ideologies. The only evidence you have backing this up is a false correlation between a school teaching pro BLM content and an article coming out a few days later talking about student privacy. Simply because these two pieces of information came out at the same time doesnt mean they are connected.
    2. Slippery slope: One of the things you day in the video is that once a child reaches 8 its really hard to change their minds (paraphrased). This implies you think that once teachers start to teach pro BLM and anti-racist content the students will become more and more left eventual to the point where itd hard to change their minds. This logically isnt true, we all change our minds and povs constantly (ex: you moving from the left more toward the right).

    You think theres some kind of malicious intent from schools not allowing parents to share information and record but in reality schools are tied tightly to protect the privacy of the students. Parents cant come into classes irl and film without written consent from every parents child that will be filmed. The law takes a students privacy almost to absurd levels of protection. My teachers aren't even allowed to record meetings for students to see later.
    Source for this information: I am a HS student, both of my parents are teachers one at an elementary level and the other at the college level.

    Responding with: Oh you only dislike this video because your a leftist uses the Ad hominem falacy, attacking me and my political beliefs rather than my actual argument.

    Responding with: Oh youve been indoctrinated into leftist ideology is a Kafka trap. Either way I respond can prove or disprove the claim that ive been indoctrinated, thus saying so is entirely usless.

  8. 4:00 "They're in the privacy of their own classroom." There is no such thing. You can have privacy when you hire a private tutor, to teach your kid only. Otherwise, it's public. Full stop. The argument is moot.

  9. Admitting they are supported by BLM = put their name public NOW for the safety of the kids, people need to know and actions need to be taken. Schools should be a safe learning place not a political and sexual indoctrination cesspit. It's not a place for a teacher to push their agenda on the children and teenagers. That should be criminalized.

  10. Wait. It isn't interesting to you that tn was planning to send government officials to the homes of every child to check in their well-being? Hello 4th Amendment?

  11. Before parents couldn't monitor what their kids learned, now they're being asked not to because they want to undermine the parents and indoctrinate them. Disgusting. Glad I haven't had kids because I'd probably go to the teacher's house with a tire iron.

  12. Confidentially? Excuse me, their parents have every right to know what their teachers are teaching them. I believe these school districts have no legal right to do that. A private school might get away with it but they're probably not indoctrinating the kids.

  13. I was never taught politics in school. Always taught the golden rule and morals that apply to everyone no matter who they are. Treat everyone the same, don't bully, and play nice.

  14. Of coarse the school systems don’t want the parents to know what the schools do. All their concerned with is being able to brainwash the kids into hating everything and everyone. It’s a criminal offense. Home school is a much better alternative . With critical parent involvement

  15. As a grandfather, school board member and former LEO, this is Interference with Parental Authority. As a school board member I encouraged Parents to visit and get involved in their children's classes, before the lockdown. More conservative teachers welcomed parents in the classroom, while more left-leaning were annoyed by parental involvement. They became even more annoyed when I visited their classrooms investigate what the problem was, and discovered leftist teachers violating school board rules and regulations, presenting unapproved materials in class, inviting subversive speaker such as radical Islamic clerics associated with CLAIRE to indoctrinate and convert students without the knowledge of the school board or parents. Parents to get involved and monitor what their children are studying, and raise holy hell if need be.

  16. not to bring religion into this what the Bible says if you do not want to be afraid of authorities then do what is right now what is wrong what are the afraid of it must be doing something wrong.if the schools are afraid of something and are hiding something it must be because of something wrong no one had something good

  17. I am a parent of three & this IS a basic necessity. We are now homeschooling & NOT with online public school. We talk about what's going on right now. I make sure they understand to seek truth & facts, not feelings & group think & indoctrination.

  18. Los Angeles Unified School District will be officially inserting concepts and themes from the 1619 Project and BLM into their high school social science curriculum this year. In a few more years, it will be inserted into the elementary grades. That's scary!

  19. Homeschool! The State doesnt own your kids, and you are better equipped than than you realize to educate them and fashion them into loving, responsible adults. They do not need this indoctrination… its ruining our nation!

  20. Thank you Karlyn for your work! As a Conservative/Republican, I love listening to the #walkaway stories to educate myself and encourage the people who are waking up and looking for decent people who can have a reasonable conversation. We need more peaceful discourse. The Left is trying to get rid of any middle ground. We need to recognize that we can still disagree in some things but also agree on others and not just vilify anyone who thinks differently. Thank you for sharing your story!

  21. Indoctrinating my kid? My kid's teacher wouldn't even get on camera at least three different days for the following reasons: her makeup, having a bad hair day, her room is dirty.

  22. Ya know, I worked teaching the arts to kids. I didn’t mind talking to parents, but did NOT want them in the classroom interrupting the teaching (you’d be surprised at how many parents keep their kid from even trying due to possible “failure”. Can’t teach art like that!) However, when kids are at home like this teachers should know that it is necessary for parents to be there. For one thing, your job is teaching, not indoctrinating. Secondly, as long as the information is correct, there’s nothing to worry about. Thirdly, being there helps the parent learn how to help their kid. They aren’t in a physical classroom, so they won’t distract. They are doing their job and JUST teaching. They are helping the parents help the kids…I don’t see the issue. ??‍♀️

  23. Not enough Americans get involved with anything in society, leaving the burden to the few that do. Everyone wants to be little isolated islands unto themselves using and not giving back, def not giving back as much as they use. I see teachers overburdened with things stacked on top of them not regarding education: parenting, religion, babysitting, disciplining, counseling, support, defense, health, safety, bullying, drugs, violence, viruses, etc. All while dealing with budget cuts and politically motivated bullshit. With everything we throw at them and expect from them, they should make $500k/year. I see the same group of parents volunteering in classes, leading committees, being involved in PTA's, etc…and then the majority want to piss and moan about the results when they didn't care to be involved in the process at all? GET INVOLVED AND STAY INVOLVED.

  24. I don't know what has changed, but I know for a fact that no teacher would have the balls to tell my father what he could or could not do with regards to me. Had I been in school now and this form was handed to him, he would have just laughed.

  25. We can't watch the teachings, but when a "Teacher" sees a toy gun in the background of the student, the "Teacher" make a complaint and the child was suspended for the toy. We should have the authority to decide who teaches our children, and input as to what they are taught. And in the home environment, we control what is there not the schools.