Here’s Why The U.S. Blew Up Nord Stream Pipeline!

We all know that Russia blew up its own Nord Stream Pipeline even though there’s no good reason for them to have done so. But it’s a good thing they did, those dummies, because according to U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken, the shutdown of the pipeline represents a “tremendous opportunity” to wean European countries off of Russian gas and — don’t be shocked — instead buy their liquefied natural gas from the United States!

Jimmy and America’s Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the crazy circumstances that would lead Putin to blow up a pipeline delivering his own country’s gas and hand the United States such a gift.

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  1. Time to get a new side guest. I know he's knowledgeable about your fav political subjects: but he's a bumbling fool. Maybe he's too high? He can't finish a sentence, he keeps interrupting you… He's not a positive contribution.

  2. I hated when bush crashed the economy, I loved when Obama rewarded the people responsible, I hated when Trump rescued the economy, and I loved when Biden crashed it, THEN BLAMED US!!!

    Thank you Biden daddy, trust me I'm still 12.

  3. Pardon me Mr. AMERICAN but WHO exactly "weaponized" energy again?
    While The United States inflicts global inflation & recession. Threaten world peace by directly funding Ukrainian Nazis.
    And now will freeze millions to death in Europe this winter & name it a "tremendous opportunity".

  4. If women are burning their hijabs in Iran, they are wearing masks not against covid, but to keep from being recognized, arrested, tried, and executed!!!

  5. LNG tanker ships may make a great opportunity for some Russian torpedoes or missiles to detonate upon? Dr. John Coleman's book Conspirators' Hierarchy: The Story of the Committee of 300 will disclose on page 164 why we may have to actually hope that the Russians don't sink those LNG tankers, even though it is technically, otherwise, absent trying to avoid the outcome of page 164, the proper thing for Russia to do.

  6. This is sham as Iranian protesting the harshest rules on earth, Joe Biden, Camila Harris and State department are dead silent. Since they are in the process of making a new deal with Evil Mollas.

  7. I’m sick and tired of sending rocket launchers and tanks to Nazi militias who are killing innocent people. Can’t we be on the right side of history for once?

  8. This is a tremendous opportunity to remove dependence on Russia for energy – in favour of an even more onerous dependence upon the United States for energy.
    Gee, thanks, says Poland, who have their pipeline, and it's just come on line.
    Whoop-de-doo, says Germany, who have just seen their pipeline – and their investment in it – vanish in a puff of smoke.
    With an ally like the United States, who needs enemies? But the US has for the last 77 years maintained an army of occupation in Germany, and is now overseeing Morgenthau Plan Mark 2.0 being implemented upon Germany… It is time the Germans figured out who their real enemy is.

    It ain't Russia.

  9. This is a grass root uprising, to protest more than forty years of operation by Islamic regime on women and the whole population.
    I bet Jimmy, you would not even consider a stop exchange in an airport in Tehran for even one hour staying there.

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