Heresies Ep. 5: BBC Bias Exposed – An Insider’s Story

From the shocking cover up of Jimmy Savile, to the mistreatment of Lord McAlpine & Sir Cliff Richard and the scandal of Martin Bashir’s interview with Diana, Princess of Wales, the BBC’s reputation for honesty and integrity has never been lower. With so much of the public feeling alienated by the BBC’s output, can it still be regarded as the nation’s broadcaster?

The New Culture Forum proudly presents #NCFHeresies, Episode 5: “BBC Bias Exposed – An Insider’s Story”, presented by writer and former BBC journalist Robin Aitken, author of “Can We Trust the BBC?” and “The Noble Liar: How & Why the BBC Distorts the News to Promote a Liberal Agenda”

Featuring interviews with figures such as Lord (Charles) Moore, Rod Liddle, Lord Pearson of Rannoch, Bishop Michael Nazir Ali & Andrea Jenkyns MP, “BBC Bias Exposed” reveals why the BBC is in the grip of an ideology that prevents it reporting fairly on the world.

Robin Aitken shows how the BBC’s internationalist, secularist & multiculturalist world view prevents it from providing fair and balanced news. Never was this more apparent than in it coverage of:

* the EU & Brexit
* Donald Trump
* Black Lives Matter
* the persecution of Christians (a subject rarely reported compared with BBC reporting on the plight of other persecuted religious minorities).

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  1. As someone who no longer lives in the UK, although I am British, and as part of having a balanced view of the world I sometimes try to access content on BBC News only to be frustrated by a notice that says “this content is not available in your region”; why is this? Because I don’t pay a TV license perhaps? However, I would be quite willing to pay a subscription similar to the one I pay for say Netflix, in order to have access to all their reports. Why is the BBC so afraid of this business model? Could it be because they no longer think they could compete in this marketplace? The idea that it is a CRIMINAL offense not to pay for a TV License if you get access to BBC programmes, is truly unique in the world. This kind of measure is more akin to those taken to control people in an autocracy. The BBC could be a truly international brand (again) if it reformed, and could attract a huge international paying audience.

  2. For a piece promoting the bias of the BBC. Isn’t it a bit ironic that only a right wing, white, Christian viewpoint was offered as correct. I, I’m afraid see the BBC bias through another lens. Their robust stance against the Jeremy Corbin Labour Party and their aggressive pro-union/anti-Scottish independence reporting makes me believe the opposite is true

  3. Everyone and every organisation, and every country, and media outlets are biased. Everyone and everything is flawed. In general, the BBC is pretty clean. I think this is just muck raking just for the heck of it, and to satisfy the documentarian's own biases and negative emotions towards the BBC. A non-story.

  4. The BBC aims to provide better career prospects to each of its executives. That’s why they are basically a Californian propaganda machine selling American values to British people. Lie to support BLM, Lie to get Diversity quotas, Lie to get Critical Race Theory while at the same time gaslighting the problems within the county ! Got raped ? BBC doesn’t care, Killed in a Labour city ? Don’t care. Agenda is the master of these professional liars

  5. I was really interested until +- 2 minutes in when Charles Law, erstwhile of the Telegraph and Spectator, is introduced. You're asking the former editor of those two propaganda sheets about bias at the BBC? Seriously?

    Warts and all, and the BBC has many warts, I'll take it over the two climate-denying/minimising rags Charles Law edited. At least the BBC usually, not always but usually, gets the facts approximately right. That's more than can be said about The Telegraph or The Spectator.

    What next? Asking the "journalists" at Xinhuanet about their comments?

  6. The BBC would be accused of nepotism if you took into account you see the same" family" of celebrities ( sic) appearing on a multitude of show kissing one anothers arses.
    No more licence fee make them compete for their income, its more like all religion that has somehow charitable status that no one can oppose or wonder why the select few get paid so much.

  7. Oh look English people all upset about BBC bias due to Brexit, meanwhile Scotland has been dealing with this bias since the BBC began. Up here in Scotland the BBC is always pro UK government, why are the English are still obsessed with brexit.

  8. We all know it’s there. It’s despicable and corrupt to the core. What is going to be done about it. What can be done about it.

    As much as I can choose alternative broadcasters, the general result is that the options are very poor regarding quality.

    Content of course should be the main consideration, but that is getting progressively limited by those directing the company.

    I offer the general themes running through the Archers as being a good indicator as to where the BBC are going.

    Not many of us want to go there, but unfortunately the power of the media has a tendency to be heard above all reason, and tends to win over the mild mannered middle ground towards their misguided Woke agenda.

    This is all just a small step closer to the prophesied End Times, which are getting closer day day. Those of us who can recognise this are aware of the consequences. It’s not going to be much fun, but ‘the writing is on the wall.’

    As I started:- What are we going to do about it?

    I can switch off, what about you?

  9. I'm a black South African I can still remember during the apartheid years we had to listen in secret to the BBC and Voice of America now it is known as the British Brainwash Corporation.

  10. The BBC is the propaganda arm of the government and the black government. The advice comes from the Tavistock Institute and they are psychological warfare dept of the government. BIAS is not the word. Covid shows the 100% views for the support of the agenda .NOTHING on the other side of the scientific arguments against ANYTHING not on the agenda. Freemasonry rules the media and they are the drivers of the whole agenda for the " pandemic" agenda. I will not believe a word that comes out on broadcast, or even worse the website. The sexual debacle of Trans, gender change in children and the targeting of children of pre puberty age to sexual, homosexual and gender change is obviously a policy decision of those in control of the BBC.

  11. Writing this at a minute in. All public broadcasters are raging lefties. In USA, UK, Australia, and New Zealand, Canada etc. So im not going to be shocked lmao

  12. It will be interesting to see how the BBC will react to clear evidence of USA election fraud when Arizona's forensic audit is published.

  13. I have no problem with them promoting a liberal agenda, what I am concerned about is their total lies over foreign stories. The BBC along with ITV and Channel 4 (more recently than in the past) is just a mouth piece for the UK FCO and MI6 in their disastrous policies which have caused so much death and destruction around the world, and created millions of refugees.

  14. BBC is not Internationalist, it is globalist. Globalists want the world controlled by supranational organisations such as the EU. Internationalists support independent, sovereign nations who want to trade freely and deal freely with other nations as equals rather than being subordinate to supranational organisations who decide undemocratically how nations should deal with each other.

    Brexiteers are Internationalists. Remainers are globalists, although some are clearly little EUers.

  15. listened to bbc last night radio 4 , 5 and ws. absolutely appalling . 5 was just painful, ws was for degenerates. it actually brings a wtf moment . trash is this. and it is pure trash not even fit for the bin.
    what happened. it's a disgrace.

  16. I knew the BBC was becoming increasingly biased – it's probably impossible for a reasonable person not to notice that over the last decade or so – Brexit and Trump coverage was laughable – they became the TV arm of the Guardian basically, however it wasn't until the BLM protests in London where the BBC ran blatant defence for a known Marxist racebaiting group where cultural vandalism and riots which left police in hospital were described as 'mostly peaceful' that I simply couldn't take any more and cancelled my license. They are a disgrace and have been for far too long. The MSM in the states had their own version of this, with BLM and Antifa burning a black neighbourhood to the ground and a reporter stood in front of a bunch of buildings burning into the night, describing the situation as 'mostly peaceful'. Unbelievable literally, and so that's my story of when it finally clicked all MSM is and probably always has been corrupted.

  17. Spot on with the BBCs woke agenda. Looking at their Olympics' coverage on their website, one would assume that 98% taking part female, the other 2% are gay. White straight UK medal winners hardly get a look in.

  18. The BBC has become deeply infected by the left, like so many of our institutions, and now uses its immorality to deeply divide the population. Its demise can’t come quickly enough.

  19. I have not bought a licence this
    Year. I am appalled at the way the BBC has gone completely woke and is not our BBC any more. They are all about ticking boxes

  20. Anyone that says "Trust Me" is 100% NOT to be Trusted… They are projecting who they actually are, which is liars with an agenda to deceive and to promote their OWN agenda which would be Leftism, aka Marxism (and its children), etc.
    Truly honest and good people, aka the Right, say "Evaluate my work fairly, and compare it fairly, and then make your OWN decision on who should be trusted or not".
    Also, since the BBC are Leftists, and so are the IslamoFascists (aka Fundamentalists and Terrorists), THAT is why they aren't critical of Islam, because they are from the SAME ideology. For example, if you study the Iran Revolution, as well as compare it today to the rhetoric, it's like you're watching Leftists. If you need a simple example of what I'm saying, there was a Movie a few years ago about a Family who was affected by the Revolution, I forget what it's called, but it was good. Also, the TV show "Tehran" shows some of this, how Iranian Fundamentalists/Government are just like Leftists in the West.

    Also, that is absolutely correct… Atheists and Secularists are NOT "neutral" actors, they have a "belief system" just as any religion. The only difference is it might not be in "organizational" or "systematic" form. But it's absolutely an ideology… Nobody on earth, every single individual has "views" and "beliefs", so they are LYING when they claim they don't believe anything, or are neutral, etc.

  21. Appears that BBC doesn't employ any conservatives or right-wingers. They are all left-wing social justice warriors indoctrinated by the universities they attended.

  22. This reveals why we must not be giving them money. They are against Christians, and therefore, why do they continue to take money from a Christian Country that they do not represent? Remove the word British from their title and remove the licence tax.

  23. The BBC have been working very hard to undermine democracy in Britain. It must be abolished. If only to ensure that people are not influenced by fake news and corrupt propaganda.