HEROES TO ZEROS: Police remove healthcare workers from protest

Fifty frontline healthcare workers rallied in a Melbourne park to protest the vaccine mandate. SHARE @Avi Yemini’s full report: SIGN UP:

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Written by Rebel News


  1. All those cops, yet when I rang to say a junkie told me he would be waiting at my car with a knife after I finish work.. they were “really busy tonight, but will try to get a car out”.

  2. Start with the police, soon the Army (possibly UN Army) around the world will use their guns to turn on and destroy every single religion of the world.. watch this space

  3. Australia is backwards from rest of the world 🌎 bunch of dirty snake's is there Government the officials will soon all face jail time ⏲ they are criminals part of the Cabal

  4. NSW hospital system is struggling because for the past 2 decades politicians have continually hamstrung the system through incompetent management and corruption

  5. Consensus opinions dont count you tube so pls stop trying to bullshit people.
    Only a medical opinion means anything and even that isnt trustable these days i fear!

  6. Dear police officers, think about who you serve, who do you work for and what do you do in general? Perhaps you remember the words that you will faithfully serve the citizens and the social welfare. If you cannot see that you are being taken advantage of, then stop and think, please.

  7. "In face of the Great Waves of change that are coming to the world, which will challenge people’s faith in themselves, in their nation, in nature itself and in God, the question of faith becomes very important. The strength of this faith and where it is placed become very significant in terms of the individual’s ability not only to function, but to be creative, discerning and competent in the face of changing circumstances."
    A quote from the New Message ~ Where Will You Place Your Faith?

  8. If you can be vaccinated and still catch covid then it's not a vaccine! Let that sink in for a few. Also you guy's wilfully gave up your right to own firearms several years ago . Here in America as you've probably heard it said, there's a firearm behind every door!! That's the only thing standing between us and being in the same shape as the Australians!! Prayers for them 🙏

  9. Fkn oath its about control the funny thing is theres more normal citizens then police army government etc so they best back off because its just a matter of time before ppl stand up you back someone into a corner they'll fight back eventually the government need to wake up and the police need to stop being there puppets

  10. THIS IS WHY YOU NEVER GIVE YOUR GUNS UP!! You know what some REALLY good science is? People tend to listen to you when you are defending yourself with a gun!

  11. It hasn't happened here in Ireland yet, we need Australia to fight now, for us we won't forget we truly need you to band together, Canada and the USA need to stand up it's gone too far already. Be brave stand together against this tyranny. We are all watching.

  12. We are opposed to the Biosecurity Amendment (Enhanced Risk Management) Bill 2021, specifically in relation to broadening the scope of the current Biosecurity Act 2015 to include biosecurity enforcement orders upon "classes of individuals", specifically requiring them to wear specified clothing or equipment (108M), to be relocated and detained (108L), for an indefinite time (108 (2) ) and to provide body samples to the World Health Organization (108P). While we understand that these changes are meant to be imposed upon groups arriving into the country by plane or vessels, it does not expressly exclude the possibility of it also being applied to other "classes" of people such as the unvaccinated, or to certain ethnic, religious or politicosocial groups residing within Australia.

    Petition Request

  13. Stand uo Canada 🇨🇦 was trained in Canada as an rn . First mandated health care workers! Next every one!
    Was healthy today. And tomorrow will be fired ??? Ridiculous. We care for people.