Heroic NBA Players Make a Stand

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  1. If you slander a musician who willingly got the vaccine you touted as 100% safe and was injured by it TWICE to the point he may not be able to work again in his field as Anti Vax, You Are A Vax Nut. This guy did what you wanted and put his own passion on the line for YOUR panic induced delusions of THE Science. Vaccines are medical concoctions, not cure all panacea that will eliminate all your woes. If they are not perfected, they leave behind long lasting effects on various people. And again, THE IMMUNOCOMPROMISED CANNOT TAKE VACCINES!!! THEY DO NOT HAVE AN ACTIVE IMMUNE SYSTEM TO TAKE THEM IN AND CREATE THE ANTIBODIES TO COMBAT DISEASE!!! Shouting at an immunocompromised person to take a vaccine to boost their immune system is like telling a quadriplegic to take a walk to lose weight. You aren't doing good, you just look like an asshole.

  2. Can someone please address the fact that its not a vaccine. They changed the definition of the word by removing "immunity" from the definition. It's a shot, start calling it what it is.

  3. There wouldn't be a vaccine mandate if people could be trusted to act responsibly which in the past 1 year we saw quite clearly not being the case and most people loudly protesting vaccines on basis of freedom happen to be the same who were irresponsible for the past year in the first place. They only have themselves to blame for this.

  4. I am shocked that there is a world class musician that thinks his political (or whatever else) ideas are his own business and what matters publicly is only his music. That is unheard of. He must be immediately cancelled.

  5. Kosovo is also a good example how colonisation results in colonisation. I wonder why is this controversial even if that is exactly what the modern day commies want? How all that is relevant to the vaccines terror? Yes exactly – not at all.

  6. I'm about 9 minutes in so bear with me if there's more to come. Doesn't it feel like there is a deep humanitarian message being evoked over and over. where these companies are doing things for the instant numbers bumps but in doing so are destroying their own reach and long term public trust. If we give into our urges to kill our goats today where will we get milk tomorrow.

  7. Yea eric claptain the gay guy who makes easy listening to music is the mah freedoms standing up to vaccine and pahrma and many hiper bands that 'rage against the machine' are sycopathants to governments.

  8. While I understand and support the individual's right to refuse getting an experimental treatment that absolutely does not prevent getting the Chinese virus, it's a diminishment of the word to call such people "heroes".

  9. Mattress Girl was a woman at NYU who lied about being raped and then dragged a mattress around the campus for years when she didn't get anywhere with the claim. Rolling Stone published a short story that pretended to be a news article called "A Rape on Campus" that was set at the University of Virginia at Charlottesville.

  10. You gotta wonder why they are trying so hard to get the crappsene in our arms. What does this stuff really do to you? When the death rate is basically that of the flu. Oh I guess they know best NOTTTTTT!

  11. good on everyone that don't want to take the so-called jab"… that is their prerogative" bcus @ the end of the day everything is voluntary!. most of the masses are going along with what Simon says"… Just bcuz Simon says it doesn't make it so!/true. most people have fell for the oki doke.

  12. Vacks that doesn't actually do anything beneficial.
    99% recovery rate.

    I dream of a day when the Left will be held accountable for their destruction of the world.

  13. Appears Clapton reached a Crossroads sometime After Midnight sitting in his White Room crying Tears in Heaven, thankfully not while under the influence of Cocaine. He must be thinking 'geez, it's not like I Shot the Sheriff' I'm just trying to find My Way Home..

  14. I would bet money that, if the general media had never turned this topic into a political conflict and those in power never once pressured people to be vaccinated, then more people would be fully vaccinated at this point. The "you have your freedoms" approach that Trump had is way more effective from a psychological perspective than limp-wristed authoritarianism.

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