He’s Completely Lost His Mind… What Am I Even Watching Here?!


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  1. Wait they have a fake Whitehouse because of a teleprompter? That makes no sense more likely that devolution is real and that Biden and Harris aren't allowed to use the Whitehouse because they weren't elected and cheated also they have faked press conferences in the rose garden. In a video on youtube shows a guy filming watching TV of Biden live in the rose garden and then the camera turns to show him in a high rise a cross the way looking at an empty Rose garden MAGIC

  2. Why aren't Dr's. forcing him to take the cognitive test in public . Americans have the right to know whether their Potus is fit for office . I guarantee that he has been tested and failed miserably , c'mon man , if he had passed the test it would have been splattered all over every paper and newscast in the Nation .

  3. I'm just glad the person China chose to use was Joe Biden. He's inept, unlikable, and horrible at speaking. Imagine if they used somebody that could actually speak people into their favor.

  4. I do not like Biden at all, but I do feel for the guy. He's clearly being used as a pawn and the fall guy for the extreme leftists that are running this guy. I feel even worse for the nation. We have fallen so far in such a short period.

  5. hey fellow dems, you know the right keeps calling us out for our lies? well wha if instead of calling out the lies. we get someone so inept they focus on that and not the lies.
    The left: yes we got we want
    the right: lol, old man words go wheeeeeee!
    Me: the story about a 10 y/o needing an abortion is false. there is one source for it, and if its true they broke the law because there is no other info about it.

  6. They will have to start writing the instructions in red and the spoken word in green. A couple of months of training and he should be able to handle it 😂😂😂😂 if he can remember which colour means speak the words. Let’s go Brandon. Your a sick puppy.

  7. No! “We” are suffering from Joe Biden’s Dementia! He thinks he’s President and gets to squeeze all the fruit of our loins! Hunter had him listed in his phone as a “Pedo”!!! How much more do you need!? I love you America, your choices, not so much……

  8. "I'm serious"- I'm confused.
    "Com'on mannn"- Stuff & things, huh?
    "Well anyway"- Where am I?
    "Look, heres the deal"- Aggravated by question.
    "Banging a razor against a rain barrel"- …….

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