He’s EXPOSING the truth behind Europe’s energy crisis | Redacted Conversation w/ Ralph Schoellhammer

Ralph Schoellhammer is an academic researcher who has written eye-opening reports on Europe’s energy crisis. He’s uncovered startling details about Germany’s nuclear power plans along with Netherland’s farmer revolt.

You can follow Ralph’s work on his Twitter account here:

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Written by Redacted


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  1. The United States 🇺🇸 is trying to destroy Europe 😳 and start world 🌍 war 3. Picking on Russia 🇷🇺and China 🇨🇳 the most powerful countries in the world 🌍 it will be a big mistake 😳😳 😳😳😳 why can’t we just leave in peace ✌️ and harmony 😳

  2. Looks like we’re going to get that revolution we’ve been needing. Who would hav guessed that it would come in winter?! I can’t wait to see the working class in Germany drag these elitist politicians and bureaucrats out of their mansions and through the streets! I seriously cannot wait! I hope it spreads like wildfire throughout Europe and the west! It’s been a long time coming!

  3. А мне кажется ваша проблема, что вы себя возомнили ""светочами демократии"", лидерами ""свободного мира"". Это всё новый фашизм, который породил капитализм. Превратил армии стран НАТО в наёмников, которые служат надгосударственным корпорациям.

  4. I believe the US manufactured the released COVID into the world from China in a bid to villify China in global approach to population reduction. Regards the energy crisis it only really affects Germany and the rest of the countries with huge hikes are just on the back of that. This is a war against humanity. When will people realise it? I'm awaiting the fallout of winter living in Ireland and preparing to freeze. It will make people ill. 1/3 of my salary is going on utilities and there's another hike due.

  5. assault into the neighbourhood? why not update the saying : cleaning up at the last minute the 8y old mess on the other side of the border, that is publicly advertised as a coming genocidal massacre, that is publicly advertised as spreading into your country. that is to say: a very short moral statement won't do!
    Otherwise thank you. and you are right :all values being deconstructed and denied, it is easy to have people grab for a meaning and manipulate their 'ideologic' beliefs.

  6. It's just too damn bad all of these new world order people and our leaders who work with them are all Bulletproof can't be shot can't be taken to court nothing can be done about them it's just too damn bad

  7. What is the current technology used for nuclear waste. Upon maintaimence rods how do you secure and dispose of the poisonous life destroying corrosive material that outlines concrete steel barrels by thousand years. Coal you get soot. Ameeica once ran industry and houses on coal. Change is not always better; just for change. Benefit to risk analysis long term. No waste to dispose no immediate exposure threat , no one died from cancer leukemia, birth defects , polluted water system and ground watee. from coal.

  8. Actual enemies of the state are setting up preemptive lies about common citizens being "enemies of the state" . It's more then obvious whom the real enemies are.

  9. Yes, fossil fuel and nitrogen should be limited use. Our rivers and lakes are drying up. The planet is on fire so we just keep moving forward as usual until there’s complete societal breakdown and chaos? We have to do something because we are way late in taking action and any actions we’ve taken so far has been half measures

  10. the energy/gas problem in germany is not a consequence of the conflict in ukraine. it is happening because of certain decisions made in washington and new york by greedy and corrupt criminals. isn't it noteworthy that up to about 2020/21 there was no problem with gas delivery from russia to germany. around that time mister america first started to sanction germany, an allied country, for finishing north stream 2. the other reason is the idiots in germany's governments and their insane idea of energy transition to 100% renewable. this funky idea called green new deal. in our government and closer environment there are also schwab's disciples. and the chancellor has to do what washington wants anyway. it was sleepy joe who announced the halt of north stream 2 and not olaf the great who was standing right next to him. does that seem to be something close to sovereignty? that whole conflict in eastern europe is merely an american effort to keep america in, germany down and russia out…but this time they miscalculated big time, like never before. unfortunately at the expense of the whole of europe.

  11. Atomic power plants are dangerous, causing all kinds of cancer. Besides that we do not have proper places to store radioactive waste. We store atomic waste in a salt mine which is now partly under water due to a water leakage!!! This subject is only to scare people until they are panicing and are softened to take what the gov offers.

  12. We still don't know what the REAL reason behind all these measures is… We all know it has nothing to do with protecting the environment Perhaps leading people to a place of penury so serious that they'll have to abide to any and every measure the government creates

  13. If you understand what the global agenda is then you understand why all western countries are creating hyper inflation and a energy crisis. Every one can understand what the global agenda is but you need to do your own research.

  14. You're wife is Gorgeous, with all due respect Sir and she is smart. You got lucky because most women these days can't boil water let alone cook and egg. We are not ready for this economic collapse smh.. God help us

  15. Both of you are absolutely right about everything you are saying because the rich people think everyone is so stupid president trump understands that that's why he is trying to show everyone that its happening right now

  16. I hear that in EU electricity costs are increasing at HUGE rates (by multiples). So much for affording to charge an electric car !! This is just one example of the ridiculous arguments coming from the 'elite ruling classes' for us Joes to have to take it on the chin. Be forewarned if you're thinking of buying an electric car (assuming you can afford it – I think that at best the 'average guy' will only be able to rent one now and then).

  17. More nuclear plants. .? We'll just store the waste in your yard then, hope that's okay when you got a huge radioactive pool of bubbling mutagenesis. Are you going to make pool parties for that too? Maybe create your own business for showing off all the great benefits of nuclear mutations ?

  18. But who will defend Russian civilians in Dobass who were as U-Krain(a)ian citizens victims of genocid for 8 years since 2014?
    And only Minsk Agreement was an option for peace, the end of genocide and U-Krain(a)ian sovereignity but U-Krain(a)ian regime and Deep State were against peace and Minsk Agreement because they wanted to forced the war with Russia with the genocide against Russian civilians in Donbass.

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