He’s EXPOSING the truth in Syria and they don’t like it | Redacted conversation w/ Kevork Almassian

Kevork Almassian is an independent journalist covering the stories the mainstream media ignores or covers up. In today’s Redacted Conversation, Clayton Morris asks Kevork to educate us all about what’s happening in Syria while at the same time connecting through-line into Ukraine. What you’ll learn is mind-blowing as it’s all connected.

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  1. I already knew there was no chemical attack at Douma, there was an artile by Robert Fisk in The Independent several years ago. It is shocking that supposedly impartial organisations like the OPCW can be subverted and are willing to lie to the taxpayers who fund them. Something similar happened when Malaysian Airlines flight 17 was shot down over Ukraine 8 years ago. It wasn't a Russian Buk missile which shot it down, it was a Kiev-controlled Su25 fighter which was reported by several eye witesses at the time as trailing the much larger airliner. No one saw or photographed a Buk missile going up on a lingering column of smoke.The Dutch led investigation team was nobbled, and a few honest members of the team have complained about it.

  2. My question is: to what extent was/is the Mossad involved in these incidents? ( my sense is that they were heavily involved, but I am far from knowledgeable in Middle East policy ) .

  3. What people need to remember or go back and research, America,Britain and the Soviets pardoned some Nazi party members,especially those were important or could provide assistance to them. Engineers Doctor's,scientists,they learnt alot from this people.. One of the overlooked acts is propaganda,and they took it out of the rule book of the Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels..Tell enough lies so many times people will start believing it.

  4. Truth Ukraine people, will be free from the all the evil , Ithat the Nazis , brown coats and the dictator , leftist communist mafia creepy people , will soon be eliminated 😊. And set the true Citizens of Ukraine free from Tierney , Putin is doing what he needs to do , To get rid of all theseHorrible people ,

  5. He failed to mention that the reason Israel took control of the Golan Heights is because of all the Syrian artillery there that could lob shells down below into Israel farming communities. The Israelis would have to be suicidal to return the Golan to Syria. Why would a man give his enemy a gun to hold to his head?

  6. Those people who had to live through centuries of genocide, abuse, subjugation and brutality are the people who have been forced to become the strongest and evolve in many immeasurable ways. You, Kevork, and the Syrian people are a testament to this fact! I send my Love from America.
    P.s. I, too, protested the Iraq war from here in NM, USA. when I was 14. Love and Bless you and your people- Kevork!

  7. It doesn´t depend on that what they like, but what the people like an how much of this information could be spread in society so that everybody is able to have a look at the truth.

  8. The corporate media can go and lick Mickey Mousse's big ears. Globalism will meet it's end once there is a new 🌎 order, which is materializing with present events. Better days are ahead with just people, and people of good faith.

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