He’s laughing at us. Dan Andrews

WorkSafe appears to have forgotten someone.


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    WELL DONE, Squire…
    Dodgy-Dan is just so SUPERFICIAL, is he not ehh ???!!!-!.
    SUPREME Court..
    Meaning Victorians have the ACTUAL RITE to actually go and ARREST Dodgy-Dan & the WHOLE SUPEREME COURT.
    Why ???? Cause theyre actually ACTERS ONLY !!!!.
    So Dodgy-Dan, heres a HUGE ** BLAH BLAH BLAH SQUISH**, to you & to the actual SUPEREME FAKE COURTS….
    Aint this SUPER ehh ???!!!!
    This is actual FACT ehh !!!!

  2. What is with the amateurish people who were questioning him at the inquiry, i.e. Why did they not question him further on his, now, obviously deliberately misleading use of the the phrase "I can't recall…" for clarity? Why did they not ask him to be clear on wht he means by his use of the phrase "I can't recall that."

    He means "I can't recall that for you. Because, if I do, then you'll know I'm a crook, and I don't want anyone to know that I'm only in this job to get filthy rich and that I don't particularly care if I happen to destroy people's lives in the process. But, you'll stop me proceeding any further if I do recall that for you. So, I can't recall that."

  3. I, for one, will never ever forget the Melbourne 2nd wave lockdown > while the rest of Australia had moved on from the initial March 2020 restrictions and had opened up, Melbourne was the only city in Australia that was not only locked down but surrounded by a ring-of-steel as Daniel Andrews termed it. A ring-of-steel where you were not allowed in or out of Melbourne. A major major violation of our constitutional and human rights.

  4. Limiting what you do now out of fear is now obvious. Make your great videos and upload them to those other platforms. Trick is to make a short promo here pointing out where we can watch you without a bu tt plug in and muzzle on. Maybe you like mummy bu ll dy ke Su san W o jci cki yooooutube having you tied up in leather being whipped? Y T is dead.

  5. A Royal Commission? How long are people going to look to the problem, government and government stooges, for the solution? Even after all the cv bs, people are still soundly sleeping in the nursery, watched over by nanny government. Nanny being a deranged amoral psychotic pervert.

  6. The blasphemy of it all🤣😂,holding the bible as well. That's the contempt this flatulent tyrant has for integrity, morals and ethics. Maybe he'll pop like the Hindenburg balloon with all that hot air and gas he is releasing.💢💨💨
    Top content Dangerous. It ain't easy to get those noises right where they need to be with the mannerisms😂🤣🤣🤣
    Old Danny Boy and that evil 👁️.what a 🏴‍☠️💩.he won't make the next state election.u can hang that receeding scalp on the wall also💪🦁👍.thanks for the laugh,it really does shift the negativity.🤜🤛

  7. Surely, I'm not the ONLY One that Hears these Politicians say "I can't recall", determines them to be Incompetent for the Job… Right???
    He is as Dirty as a Chinese Casino. The people welcome with Gusto a Royal Commission into Mr Andrews.

  8. Gotta be on guard now that there's the new variant ninja covid 19 strain symptoms.

    Extra hopefully they don't let IT inside Here in Australia
    It's going to be a danger zone storm if it spreads around

    The most nutso mutation ever

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