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  1. Wait til the folks in "Freedom" find out about the oppressive nature of INFRASTRUCTURE and its overwhelmingly expensive maintenance costs. It's cool though, I'm sure when the carpetbaggers (smallhats) arrive to alleviate such humbling racist initiatives, the town's name will be changed to Friedman, Georgia and their financiers will gladly take care of the poor and homeless problem by raising taxes on the working class and redistribute the funds into their own pockets while they dole out some free lunches vouchers for Walmart tents…
    Oh wait, what's this?
    That's every democratically run city in America already?
    Ya don't say… Well maybe we can try communism instead…
    Oh wait, what's this???

  2. Does nobody understand or care that we've created & set aside a black african country, in africa, just for them?
    Their country's name is Liberia. Mother africa beckons for them, she aches to hold them to her african bosom.

  3. It's a damn coup people.
    My child goes to single-sex private catholic high school, (which costs a decent amount of money i might add and I'm struggling to afford it), and they just had a "secret day," which i learned was an indoctrination fest

    It was announced that anyone caught being "anti-BLM" will be expelled from the school.

    Lawsuit? Should I tell my kid to go for it?

  4. If you feel scared like Sarah Silverman when you see an American flag. It isn't a normal acceptable fear, There is literally 0 danger in flying a flag that represents every single person standing on this ground.

    So if you feel scared like Sarah Silverman you're not being a good American your not calling out bad social norms.

    You are just a GIANT America hating pussy. OR…….you are a terrorist planning to do something terrible In this country. In which case you should be scared. We are going to find you. Bet your life on it asshats.