Hey Trump… Break All Their Toys

Pardon Assange and Snowden, declassify everything, get on alt tech sites and use the POTUS twitter to promote them.


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  1. I love how the media is trying to get about half the justices to recuse themselves because they've been screwed over by Biden or Harris during their appointments. LMAO.

  2. YES… pardon Assange and Snowden! He should also declassify all documents on Kennedy assassination and 9/11, cancel ALL student debt, cancel ObamaCare and replace with Medicare4All, and bring ALL troops home! If he did all, or most, of these actions he could win 2024 by a landslide! He could even run as an Independent or a Dem! Majority of the country would be begging for him back after just a short time of Dementia Biden!!

  3. Remember when congress subpoenaed thousands of documents regarding Operation Fast and Furious, back in the Obama days, and they received a fraction of the documents, and they were all redacted to the point of illegibility? It sure would be nice if those suddenly came out.

  4. TY Styxhexenhammer666 well said and a great plan too I must say … Sasquahannock Tribes under Tecumseh wrote the Powatan for the 6 Nations Treaties which was stolen by the Reptiles from England back in 1667 a 7 year placing the fake reptile god over us the true Great Spirits and the Powatan was then re-written as the US Constitution after they murdered and buried my peoples under the old Yankee stadium then the snakes did Black Magic Ceremonies over the ghosts reliving their deaths over and over again b/c they never made it back to Source Prime Creator as we bury our dead above ground so we that we can return to the Sky World when we are ready … No wonder the Yankees were the winningest team in baseball till they built the new stadium across the street … HMMM!!!

  5. Hey Styx, this is one of the very best videos you have ever made, I do hope the Big Man gets to see it and acts upon your advice. Sacking Esper may be the start do you think?

  6. Trump won the election. The Democrats enacted criminal fraud on the election, which is obvious, and will be proven.
    Trump will be inaugurated for His 2nd term on January 20,2021.

    Enemies, traitors, quislings, their sympathizers, and fellow travelers must be, and will be, destroyed.

    You wanted TOTAL WAR? You got it, bitches. RUN.

  7. People need to spread this video on social media and try to get Trump to see this on twitter, I would myself but I lost my twitter account years ago

  8. You are assuming he has the will and the staff to do it. i've seen no evidence of trump going all bull in a china shop.
    I've seen him ready to compromise , to placate , with some spasmodic moves at the eleventh hour.
    IDk if its him or his advisers, but they fucked up. The more extreme faction are already talking about Police "escorting "trump from the white house.

    How long before they start demanding he be prosecuted? His businesses shut down?
    You have no real idea ,with what kind of people you are dealing with here. You haven't lived under them , you don't know the lengths they will pursue a personal grudge.
    Law? Whose law? Harris' law? Biden's law? FEH! The law is a tool to them.a tool to be used and abused as they see fit.

  9. The system is rigged and the supreme court will not do shit for Trump.The only reason Trump got in was because the establishment was so sure Hillary had it in the bag. This time the system was ready to cheat him. IT'S OVER FOLKS!! Now will the Globalist pigs steal BREXIT AWAY as well??? Even if Trump could fight this, it would take YEARS OF LEGAL BATTLE. DEMOCRACY has been completely dead probably since the 60's.

  10. hi Sore losers! Trump claimed that 3 million illegals voted for Hillary last time. He even set up an official commission to investigate this delusion. Guess how much proof they found of illegals voting? That's right: zero.

    Election officials, including both Republicans and Democrats, laughed in the face of this absurd investigation and it was disbanded after finding zero evidence of anything.

    Trump's delusions aren't based on actual evidence or reality, which is why they always come up empty. Instead they are based on soothing the fragile ego of this thin skinned conman and trustfund baby who the American people will finally be rid of at long last. But please continue your insane meltdowns, it's fun to watch! ALmost as fun as seeing Trump being kicked out of the white house crying like a little b** on Jan 21 2021!

  11. that might just be the kickstarter to a change the US desperately needs – really hope Trump does break their toys – will be waking up every morning for 2 months hoping he has done something decisively epic ??

  12. Sorry, but the idea of Trump running for president AGAIN in four years, when he'll be Biden's present age, 78, or almost 80 years old, and as HATED, largely unfairly, by half of a brainwashed, &/or, low-info electorate, is a pipedream, imo.

  13. Yes, I'm certain the Biden Atom Bomb was anticipated, which is why he is an effective shield if the 25th Amendment is called upon. Scorched Earth, sure, but the tattered credibility is peeled off along with the removal of biden, making way for a "new dawn"

  14. You realize this would also put Trump under the question of why he didn't do it sooner? It's just going to appear as the spiteful move it is, not as some sort of saviour like behaviour.
    Then again, outing himself as a loser who could have always drained the swamp, but didn't do so because "idk"…. yea, go ahead Mr. President.

  15. What is wrong with Trump and the Republican party? Totally outmaneuvered. They sat by and watched so many of their large supporters get banned from mainstream platforms and refuse to use alternative platforms. He could have a damn intern repost his Tweets on Parler and the other platforms. It makes no sense to drive his base to Twitter to see his Tweets only to be harassed and banned for telling far-leftist to F off. I have lost 7 Twitter accounts arguing with commies without ever even cursing while they have full-blown porn on a platform that allows 13-year-olds.

  16. LOVE THIS! I think this would fulfill many of the things that the populist promise of Trump and anti-establishment promise of Trump had proposed. I hope Trump watches this and retweets this.

  17. Trump couldn't promote either BitChute or SubscribeStar because both are run from outside the United States, and BitChute in particular is a bit of a joke functionality and feature-wise.