HIDDEN CAMERA: The Age Chief Reporter BUSTED for Fake News

I gave Chip Le Grand every opportunity to correct the record. But he refused. So, now, WATCH what The Age didn’t know we captured. And then please SHARE my full @Rebel News report for the world to see:

Check. Mate.



Rebel News:

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Written by Avi Yemini

Proud Ozraeli


  1. Shoot,
    I hope you is for real bud.
    Trying to dissect your stuff for incongruencies,
    though you seem to be for real, not that my research of your material has posted a flag to me.
    That being said, be strong and of good courage and live truth.
    Cheers PRD 🙂

  2. BOYCOTT AND STRIKE OR SHUT UP AND CRY….. Make them and their masters pay their huge salaries and go broke as people strike back against their fake news by removing their income. BOYCOTT AND STRIKE OR SHUT UP AND CRY

  3. 6:50 Yes, it did happened. Missing context though but that's still the truth.

    You started to talk about your brother and then said something about a "naughty Crim" about 20 seconds later. That sounds like you're talking about your brother. Have you any idea how confusing that is? Was Lansley Chip's informant? Am I missing something here?

    Chip did not admit anything.

    I suggest that Rebel News starts doing what Project Veritas are doing.

  4. They use those little slips to discredit anyone who isn't left wing. Blair Cotterell apparently called for copies of mein Kampf to be in every school with pictures of Adolf in every classroom. And when they mention that they report those quotes as though he was being dead serious when they said it. Hyperbole is only hyperbole when the left use it.

  5. The annoying thing is they know they're lying everyday, yet they still want us to hold journalism in high regard. Msm are a joke at this point, and anyone working there is probably a wrongun

  6. I wish all great Australians would either rise up against this Communist Regime or Flee to the USA where we can stand United together. Maybe we let those that are in love Andrew’s live under his Boot.

  7. Recognised Chip's garbage reporting back when he joined the pile-on on James Hird during the Essendon scandal years ago. He's well and truly drunk the kool-aid since COVID, and has demonstrated himself to be nothing but a mouthpiece for corporate & govt propaganda. This video further solidifies his position as a trash reporter masquerading as a 'journalist'.

  8. How do players like clg even sleep at night. Journalism properly done, that is with a deep passion for the truth and from a core of un assail able integrity, is a most noble profession. Without these qualities you debase every decent principle of being human.