Hidden Radios in Home Devices (IOT)! The next Cyberthreat

Did you know that your IOT devices are secretly communicating with each other? This includes IOT devices that are not in your home. Did you know that what your IOT devices do may be transmitted to third parties? Did you know that your TV may also have the capability and may currently be transmitting your activity far and wide?

There are secret communications occurring between IOT devices using protocols like Bluetooth LE, Zigbee, Thread, 802.15, and LoRa that you likely didn’t expect or was not explained when you bought these devices.

Just like Amazon Echo has been conscripted to work with the Amazon Sidewalk Mesh network, other networks are in operation and some are completely unknown. Learn about these in this video.

Can you jam these devices? This is answered at the end of the video.

Here are Transceiver Development Kits that techie people can use to play with radio frequencies and see what is actually going on.

HackOne RF
Texas Instruments LaunchXL Dev Kit
Arduino Nano 33 IOT
LoRa Development Kit

Radio Frequency Detection Device – DefCon DD-1206
(covers 40mhz – 4ghz)

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  2. My father has Amazon Alexa throughout his house. When I visit, the first thing I do, is unplug the one in the room I stay in. That thing creeps me out.

  3. ok your saying his no HAM is to be trusted to have radios then? because you are saying that , and further more half the modulations you mention are not in the same bandwidth at all YOUR SCARE MUNGERING FOR PROFFIT MATE or your pushing your product how so uncool you are man stop scaring folks to keep the channels only for you muppets control freaks get a life man

  4. While fishing off of Kodiak, AK in the winter and at night we could hear Wolfman Jack out of Baja California, Mexico in the 70s. That is how far AM could travel.

  5. Given your recent content, how do you currently feel about the Raspberry Pi? Another, more specific question, the Raspberry Pi Zero, or any Raspberry Pi that doesn't claim to have an on-board wireless chip?

  6. Rob. Love your work.
    Mesh capable does not mean mesh enabled. Bad actors may indeed be embedding these systems in their products without our knowledge but as a maker I program my own and so they retain their functionality without the back doors. I was concerned with this so I test all the equipment with my sniffers, etc. The IoT SOC are not the problem but the big tech that use these features without disclosure. As for MAC address mapping, I spoof the addresses on rotating random generation in my netcode. It can be done. This tech IS amazing and great. We just need to keep an eye on the people who will abuse it, like China and the big tech corporations who think they can profit from their surveillance technology.

  7. The
    single most important part of the Declaration of Independance: "We hold
    these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that
    they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that
    among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to
    secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving
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    the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government"

  8. My phone call drops and internet stops working on my phone when someone uses the microwave. Why is it that? Its probably a basic question for this channel but no one else in the house has this problem with their phone.

  9. Give some schematics diagrams that show these circuits. Alot of things thrown out – confusing real tech with made up narratives, with no evidence.

  10. I got bad news for you bro. Your brain can be measured too. There is no need for any tech. Once you talk into your phone, they have your frequency and can find you anywhere with or without any tech on your side.

  11. Good, if I'm accused of a crime can we use this information to prove my innocence? If not then who is using this and for what? How does my attorney subpoena to get access to this information?

  12. Supposedly, you can turn off/opt out of Amazon's Sidewalk, but I imagine that they (Amazon) can turn it on and off at will. Welcome to 1984!

  13. The number one role for politicians is protecting freedom, thus I know I will be safe. Never fear they aren't about control and agenda and cancel culture, no they are about freedom. They care not to control speech, nope they care about freedom! Ahh, we are safe, feels good!

  14. Bro, really?! This knowledge isn’t new. It’s been around since the beginning of electronics. Remember in WWII movies how the Germans drove around in a radio trucks trying to triangulate the location of resistance fighters radios?

  15. Bunch of info that is great but off topic of the video description. Being a Ham I appreciate when people give out solid info in an informative way.