Higher Percent Of COVID Deaths Now Among Vaccinated

Since the advent of the omicron variant, an ever increasing percentage of the deaths from COVID in the United States have been among the vaccinated. This according to a recent article in the Washington Post, which also included emerging data suggesting that even more so today than previously, the demographic most at risk of death from COVID are the elderly.

Jimmy and American comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the meaning behind the most recent data about COVID deaths in the U.S.

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  1. Another Billon dollar study that basically says
    Old people tend to die more often than Young people

    Cant wait for the Obese Study to take another Billion

  2. The biggest risk is vitamin D blood levels of 20 or under. Look it up, it's all over the net. You need a minimum of 5,000 IU's of D3 daily. I take 10,000. Your blood levels should be over 50. 80 is even better. Take vitamin K2 with it.

  3. Well, I’m curious whether people dying within 2 weeks after vaccination are counted as unvaccinated! That’s why this graph does not show the real facts!

  4. I can explain why deaths among seniors are higher now than during the delta wave: There hadn’t been so many vaccinated elderly in the first wave, that’s why!

  5. Jimmy: NOTE when they say 20 times they mean the peaks you see in your chart. Not the FINAL figure at 3.4% vs 0.4%… LOOK AT THE HIGHEST PEAK PERIOD.. that is what they are using to tell their story be it true or not…. Maybe you want to double check that out before you say anything. We want them to look bad for misleading or telling lies but WE SHOULD BE MORE CAREFUL if we think we are morally right, correct or just being better humans and wanting to share truths. … no selling tickets or get clicks with hidden agendas like them.

  6. so do you think it is a coincidence that it's almost impossible to find the real death rate of covid? do they not know what they were doing when they suggested people mix and match their vaccines? how in the hell can we track a vaccine if people are mixing them and if they aren't keeping real data and then the people who do have some real data even though it's very little will not release or are trying not to release it for 75 years? it's all just coincidence though.
    and Jimmy doors right it is very manipulative when they pretend or they say 10 times or 20 times but when you actually look at the number yeah it's more but it's not no where near as what you thought it was. question is is there more risk taking vaccine after vaccine when we now see that the risks are real or is there more risk catching coronavirus naturally and letting your immune system without a vaccine take care of it especially if you are a healthy person with no comorbidities? No thank you I'll take my chances I really don't want that poison.

  7. so if 75-years or older are basically at risk from dying from Coronavirus and this vaccine really work why isn't it protecting them against coronavirus? Why are they dying at a higher rate? I get it yeah the more people who get sick the more people who die and because they are a category that is most at risk they're going to be higher deaths than others I get all that but you think you would be seeing a drop a major drop a very significant one in Death from the elderly when they started getting these vaccines and that is not the case in fact they just said it is pretty much the opposite. and this concoction is what we're supposed to trust when it doesn't stop you from Catching it doesn't stop you from spreading it and it doesn't stop all these old people from dying? and now on top of everything else it might give you heart disease. no thank you

  8. Jimmy, can't thank you enough for speaking out with no fear of reprisals. But, the WaPo is not worthy of discussing anything they publish, because they are so biased and corrupt. They can't tell a straight story if their life depended on it. They always have to twist the facts to support their biased crap. This story is for people who didn't know that WaPo is a tabloid rag.

  9. Far, far , far more unvaxxed Americans STILL die compared to vaxxed. So again Jimmy's argument is petulant and tendentious to defend having gone down the rabbit hole on covid years ago. 1,024,386 Ame3rican deaths. THE VAST MAJORITY UNVAXXED. And this is not limited to the US, so Jimmy, stop making it sound as though it is.

  10. what they are saying about people surviving coronavirus has also disingenuous. Jimmy Dore stated earlier when he said them using the words 10 times or 20 times is a little bit misleading while so is been saying that most people who have the vaccine the overwhelming majority survive covid. the truth is without the vaccine the overwhelming majority of people would survive covid. It covid would infect everyone we're talking Millions it's travel the entire world. so you have a virus that infects the whole world a lot of it was before we even had a vaccine and if you looked at the numbers the death ray and the possibility of death was very low it was literally less than 1% and still is. this is without a vaccine so they're misleading statement about people who take vaccines usually survive covid is kind of a bullshit lie.

  11. I love that line from Jimmy, "you got something to say to me about vaccine injuries"?
    That pretty much establishes your credibility. But, it's pretty sad that so many doctors still won't warn people of possible side effects. And they are mandating this crap for our babies next.

  12. some of these doctors in journalist will come out now and talk about how these lies and propaganda were pushed and how some of the stuff was wrong yet they still endorse the damn vaccine! oh I could give you heart problems and if you'd kill you and all these old people are dying and it should be a little bit of a scare or concern to the general public that people who are vaccinated are dying at a alarming rate even more so than those who are not now. They will say all these things but then they will still say" but it's still best to get your vaccine so go get vaccinated". be honest if we're talking about any other product no matter what product it was or any other Medical procedure the same way we are talking about covid-19 then go out and buy that product or get that medical procedure?

  13. Yeah the “10 to 20 times” stuff is really bad math. It makes no sense to divide the two proportional numbers. The actual measured death rate would be much more useful. Ten to twenty times relative zero is still close to zero.

    And comparing unvaccinated to vaccinated in a one to one way is disingenuous because the unvaccinated are likely to be poor or black which carries with it many markers for high risk including obesity, prediabetes or diabetes, low vitamin D or bad diets etc. Where as the vaccinated reportedly are more likely to be white upper middle class with better diets, higher vitamin D zinc etc.

  14. and is it really that some of these professional comedian friends of Jimmy doors just found their farpoint and so they pushed out and supported all of this or is it may be that they sold out to the woke leftist propaganda and the party?

  15. Its just amazing how many people took a serious medication with no second opinion, no idea of the contents, side effects, rushed manufacturing and testing.

  16. It's cool how we had Covid, Covid 2 Boogaloo, India Covid, UK Covid, Covid Delta, Covid Omicron, Covid Deltacron Wombo Combo, but not a single new variant of concern since Ukraine became the CURRENT THING.

  17. I will bet that the ACTUAL Vaccinated Number in the U.S. is LESS than 35%.
    I think they pumped the numbers to make the rest feel dumb for holding out.

  18. The assumption is that old equals sickly. Are they over weight, diabetic, have high blood pressure? Are they people who think a walk on the weekend constitutes exercise? Americans are, more than half, the most unhealthy people in the developed world

  19. It makes total sense that it effects older people and there wanting to force vaccinate 6 month old babys and pregnant women even though there own data projects it's harmful to especially pregnant women

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