Higher rates are good for home buyers

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Higher interest rates could be good news for home buyers.


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  1. Mmmm. A MSM article.
    This is an "adverterial", intended to boost the banking and mortgage industries. They are in trouble, because the buyers that have withdrawn from the market will stay gone until interest rates are definitely on their way down – maybe 2 or three reductions in the cash rate

  2. Do I remember correctly you previously said many times that people don't need to worry about mortgage repayments because they are so cheap, only problem is to save money for first deposit?

  3. Higher rates are good for financially responsible people that look to save money to buy property (and things in general) they can actually afford rather than be a cashflow for a bank for 30 years paying off an overpriced asset and living in a fantasy world dependent on cheap credit. The cash rate again was 4% or higher for most of history prior to May 2012. There is a reason rates were kept low for a decade- It fosters financial dependence through a positive feedback loop of borrowing large sums money to grow a property asset bubble. It was a way of suckering people into abandoning financial independence with the illusion home ownership makes a 30 year mortgage borrower somehow different to a tenant. If you don't pay your mortgage, you will find out who the real "homeowner" is. There is a reason the media have constantly been on the offensive with rate rises. Look who funds them. There is a reason too banks have been quick to pass on rate rises to borrowers but slower with savers.

  4. of course housing doesnt get cheaper…. your pushing goverment money wich is infinite into blocks of land wich is finite. aswell as factoring supply and demand econmics.

    Buy land, they're not making it anymore – Mark Twain

  5. Mate this might be worth looking into! Gas giant Origin Energy is abandoning plans to frack for gas in the Northern Territory’s Beetaloo Basin. They said they are starting the transition to green carbon friendly energy it’s now starting…

  6. Here's hoping that Lowe takes rates to the moon.
    It's a shame he's been so negligent up until this point, but at least now he's finally doing the right thing.

    6-8% OCR, normal interest rate levels, lets go!

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