Highlights from Melbourne Eureka Rally

December 4th 2021

Written by Marty Focker


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  1. FREEDOM V SLAVERY? TOTALITARIANISM Is A BIGGER Boogeyman Than The Virus Is By Far! Losing Control To Bill Gates And The World Economic Forum & Blackrock And Vanguard Is A Bigger Threat Than Sars Cov2 Is For You Or Your Children, By Far! And People Can Hear That, They Can See It! You Can Break This Fusion In Their Minds If You Give Them Something That's Even A Greater Concern Which Is Loss Of Their FREEDOM! When You Make It Clear To People That Their On The Threshold Of Losing Their RIGHTS They Get Activated! The Thing Is They're Gonna Force My Kid To Take The Jab And Suddenly People Wake Up! Our Society Is Sick. It's Sick In A Bunch Of Ways. To Get Out Of This Is The Idea Of Think Global, Act Local.

  2. Honestly the decent cops are few & far between, most of them are arrogant ar#%holes… They’re attitudes stink with that whole “it’s us against them” mindset, they have no social skills & have chips on the shoulders a mile wide… Neanderthals in the truest sense of the word! 🙄

  3. Why 100k of supporters cant grab those cops, hold them down and read them their proverbial rights, and then send them home with a very strict warning. Don't ever attempt to take on the Australian public at the whim of a politician, has got me beat

  4. It is amazing that so many people still don't understand why we are out there protesting. Although when I heard an ABC new report today labelling covid truthers as dangerous right wing extremists spreading lies then it starts to make sense.

  5. Bahahaha
    The Coppers want a Peaceful Protest tell em to leave their farkin tear gas and rubber bullets at the station.!!!!!
    Never Forget
    The Original Australian Constitution states the States cannot have armed forces that includes the armed pirates

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