Hilarious False Flag Lie in Virginia Governor race to SCARE You

The McAuliffe campaign, in conjunction with the Lincoln project grifters, staged a false flag, having tiki torch bearing individuals show up in front of Glenn Youngkin’s campaign bus, chanting, “we’re all in for Glen!”
You know it had to be a democratic operation, because they inserted a black man for diversity amongst their tiki torch bearers.
The dishonesty of the Democrats and the media is off the charts. The people of the United States have to make liars pay for their sins, please elect Glenn Youngkin.
#virginia #falseflag #liars

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  1. January 6th was most likely a false flag operation.

    There were known BLM and Antifa activists who were dressed up like Trump supporters, being interviewed by CNN cameras.

    Also, there is footage of capitol police officers opening up doors and gates, allowing the "insurrectionists" inside restricted areas.

    Total inside job and spectacle to create optics for the media cameras.

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