HILARIOUS! The Evolution of Woke Advertising

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In this video I react to Ryan Long’s recent video – “Advertising in 10 Years”
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Written by JP Reacts


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  1. What about the Jan 6 people who are still in jail? Can you bring that to folks attention? I think we’ve forgotten about them since most people have the memory of a goldfish. Love your channel! Thank you!

  2. Unfortunately if the Woke agenda succeeds then we'll all be living under a communist dictatorship in 10 years time. And you can bet that they will be persecuting white people. There will be re-education camps setup to teach people about Critical Race Theory, Black Lives Matter and Gender studies. Because at the end of the day, that's their ultimate goal.

  3. Did you orally state we are on 🌎 consistent holie shits and giggles gospell, or ment to say, in a rounded up crate of wholie outerspaced, fallien giggly shitz testimonies !!!/????/…..

  4. Thank you for saying radical-left and not the left. Cause I'm with you on 99.9% of what you have to say and I'm Liberal. But, a real liberal not the modern-day one that was a conservative, who are the liberals now… damnit this is getting confusing. Great video.

  5. JP, I'm a huge fan. But I have to respectfully say that I'm not a big fan of this format. You don't need to explain the punchlines, it kind of ruins the flow. I know you're doing a react style video but I don't feel like this is working well. You are already a great comedian and I think you do a much better job when you're making your own vids. Sorry for the criticism, love you man.

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