Hilarious “Vote Blue No Matter Who” Parody

Comedian Mischa Paullin ( is back with another hilarious TikTok, this time parodying the mentality of liberals who “vote blue no matter who” because they think that’s what good people do, ignoring the many very real harms the Democratic Party is responsible for.

Jimmy, along with The Dive’s Jackson Hinkle and American comedian Kurt Metzger, together enjoy this piece of social media comedy.

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THE JIMMY DORE SHOW is a comedy lifeline for people on the left and right (but definitely NOT the center) who are sick of bought politicians and gaslighting corporate journalists manufacturing consent for wars.


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  1. This is the best political comment i ´ve heard and read about the current situation ! Everything is said in few words
    Fire the journalists hire humorists

  2. Is that how generics works?
    I'm a good person?
    I don't know her to validate her statement
    Good and bad
    👆🙄 It doesn't explain Cuaslity
    If she said i am a good honest house builder
    No desire to test for structural integrity of a building or whatever
    🙄👆 What kind of strung ties or brackets
    ( The Hitachi Teco Nail Gun is ideal for fastening various types of pre-punched hole metal connectors to wood with precise nail placement using the …)
    I have no idea lol
    I can only speculation
    No blue prints for me to examine is all

  3. geez, brought back memories of brave stand against voting for establishment Democrat Humphries——always wondered if the 15,000 added deaths under Nixon minded

  4. I'm a lefty – in the hippy-era sense of lefty. The neo-left pledge of non-questioning-conformity falls on the right in my political spectrum. I'll vote left, which, in Canada these days, means voting Green.

  5. censoring Americans causes them to both become demoralized, and turn into ticking time bombs really to explode because they cannot safely vent their feelings. it's actually a lot more dangerous censoring us, because it's going to lead to a lot more physical violence and chaos than we already have to deal with as it is. therefore, the censorship of Americans reacting in anger to the destruction of our nation by these lunatics could only be an act of treason under the behest of the enemy. do not stand for it any longer. those who sit idly by and do nothing are in collusion with the enemy!!!!!!!!!!
    calling all hackers of all skill levels, do something about these compromised big tech agencies who are censoring us. take them offline if necessary. we are in the last stages of the crisis stage of the subversion scenario, and it can still be reversed, but we have to fight. but don't use violence, use intelligence to eliminate them.

  6. I love this woman. Her humor feels like it's targeted squarely at people like Krystal Ball and the other suburban-queen-wine-mom-Karens of the world that hype themselves as Progressives and then betray everyone with their VBNMW tripe.

  7. Remember that app that advertised it's ability to identify who of your friends voted and HOW they voted? I only heard about it from my progressive cousin in 2016. It sounded insane, but he thought it was a great idea!

  8. And they voted Democrat in 2020 and we took it on Ukraine is a welfare state American people they're tired of being second.. what a shame what happened to America been taken over by a syndicate you vote blue just remember when your homeless.

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