Hillary BLAMES VOTERS For Biden’s Falling Approval Rating | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar respond to the comments made by Hillary Clinton on MSNBC blaming the American people for not approving of the Biden Presidency up to this point

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  1. On the"'political spectrum test list"Hillary and Trump land in the same category ,Authoritarian right wing.Trump cultist hate her cause she's to much like Trump,and Democrats hate her for the same reason.

  2. book idea: dystopian thriller where the down trodden protagonist frequently interacts with the elite who speak using only quotes from post-Regan politicians. Maybe a sequel to brave new world (I prefer 1984 but I'm not sure you could get the flavor right while incorporating power-elites as it is so focused on Winston's direct experiences)

  3. Why am I still looking at this woman? She needs to be in prison, or just leave us alone for crying out loud. She's like a walking talking herpes breakout, just won't go away.

  4. When will this old hag disappear from the news cycles? Both of the measures she is giving Biden credit for passing will give the middle class nothing but more taxes. HRC cannot seem to get it her head that she is one of the most unpopular public figures in America! After all HRC is so unpopular she Trump gave America Trump in 2016. Trump is all HRC, the MSM, late night talk shows, the Democrats, Biden and the WH press, and the far left so called Squad has to talk about for the pst 5 years.

  5. Ugggh!! I swear i am so tired of these same old decrepit politicians who are just recycled corrupt power hungry liars!!! The voters came out once again to give power back to Democrats & once again they have done nothing BIDEN!! Biden is a old baby boomer from a time long passed who has lied over & over!!

  6. Trump was elected as an FU to the establishment and a notice that people want change from the same old Washington BS. Who does the Democrat party put forward in response? Their longest serving political hack who's never worked a real job in his life… I can't believe this guy is President of the USA!!

  7. “…the way we are getting our information today…” Yeh, like the CCP we need the Democratic Party to curate what we see and hear because democracy is
    messy… * sigh * if only MSNBC would curate this megalomaniac psychopath of a woman from the airwaves…

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