Hillary Clinton CONFRONTED Over Another Scandal! Her Reaction Is VERY Telling!


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  1. Idk why u show this stuff. Am i supposed to interpret the reaction I'd expect from both guilty and innocent as guilty?
    Don't get me wrong, if she's accused, it's likely she did it, but this clip shows nothing

  2. I just want everybody to know that I get no happiness or satisfaction out of getting to say I told you so every time something that I said was going to happen happens a couple months later

  3. Okay, thats probably a very dumb thing to do, her people are straight assassins, not hyperbole! The second thing is that woman is 20 years younger, Killary is 80+ Thats Teresa Barnwell or another well known and proud Killary double.

  4. It's hard to say why Hillary is so protected. I think it's because of the kill list. Anyone that was close to her or tried investigating her for child (stuff) decided to commit suicide or was the victim of a crime and died. I don't mean five or six people at the list is like 50

  5. I wonder about the 6 capitol police officers that “commuted suicide”. Perhaps they were told to let people in, but did not realize the agenda the left planned. They were then bugged and heard saying they were thinking of coming forward, then boom, Clinton’d. Just a theory, a Clinton theory!

  6. If Durham keeps after the Clinton's he is going to have an unfortunate accident. Anyone remember the doctor from Haiti that was supposed to testify against Hillary? He commented suicide by putting a knife in his chest, a couple days before the trial. The Burney Sanders intern that released her emails? Someone broke into his apartment to rob him, they didn't take anything. They beat him to death, and forgot to steal anything.

  7. They tried to kill the messenger "President Trump"…………..The message still remains……….FREEDOM FORM THE CORRUPTION OF THE TREASONOUS GOVERNMENT ELITE!. President trump is still making the corrupt shake in their boots with their asses on fire and their heads spinning to try to cover their asses that are on fire as their heads spin around to try and cover their asses that are on fire…. that they can not put out or hid anymore.

  8. Same FBI agent in charge of whitmore gig was elevated to lead FBI agent of Jan 6th. Pelosi's Reichstag moment. Biden's ok installation even looked like Hitler's installation lights and all

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