Hillary Clinton goes off the deep end | THAT DIDN’T AGE WELL #68

Another week, more things that didn’t age well. You laugh you win. #Trump #Biden #HillaryClinton

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  1. Meanwhile, behind our back the assault on wildlife continues.
    They are rounding up wild horses in Utah, the Onique, to make way for Cattle……and get this….for CHINA!!!!! I AM NOT KIDDING. They will also send these horses to slaughter for China as well.
    I am soo sickened by this world.
    They want us to stop eating beef but are destroying our wildlife balance to bring in cows…who ARE beef.
    they are rolling the helicopters tomorrow. I am soo sickened by this I can hardly breath… oh and by the way, it will cost us 1.6 million dollars for this roundup.

    I am sickened by this world….

  2. Damn, that was the first clip of Trump i've seen since you guys elected Biden, it's night and day, Trump legit looks strong compared to that old fool.

  3. Why when the who reclassified away from Indian, English, American,or Brazilian variant the virus variant did it not list china’s variant as alpha, or strain zero. in fact the Chinese variant doesn’t appear anywhere on the list , who says China us not manipulating the who, again the reason why trump got rid of it – the man was right people ?

  4. Would it be racist to remind everyone that killary has a tally of 47 suicided associates only 2 children who's bodies were found and that number might in reality be 48 since Epstein at 6 foot tall didn't jump 4 ft with paper sheets and hang himself cuz math is racist right.
    Except when it's used to figure the wages of a teacher.

  5. 9:39 apparently not anymore
    Just heard on the news that they're now labeling the variants by the Greek alphabet like the Alpha Variant, the Omega Varient etc
    Don't know why no one is arcing up about using the Greek alphabet as being racist towards Greeks though

  6. Just last week a guy on CBS call Jan. 6th the deadly insurrection.
    Knowing full well that the only one that was killed was an unarmed woman crawling through a broken window.

  7. It's what we all deserve, it's a reflection of us. Every single one of you would eat each other alive with just the notion that you might need to. Figuratively and literally.

    Everybody is garbage, and some of those are working government jobs. Like the military. Soldier worship or 3ven appreciation is government worship and appreciation. You are an american you love your country you DONT love it's ultra criminal deceptive government. You hate it with dissent and while armed. But y'all are all satisfied piles of garbage so please have less kids, your inaction makes a torturous to the soul world in the future.

  8. Hillary's SO wrong! We all want to know more about what happened on Jan. 6, because we all want to know who murdered Ashli Babbitt……….leastways, I do !

  9. All of the dead and live voters who voted for this fake administration should be banned from ever voting again especially the dead ones.

  10. Why does the Msm get upset with the term "made in China" when referring to the Wuhan flu? Almost every thing is made in china…just look at the label.

  11. I googled as to how the capital cop died. The first results said he was killed with a fire extinguisher. I googled the same question again and it said he died of two strokes.

  12. when it comes to minimum wage, most people can't see their nose, much less past it… the can't see anything beyond a dollar amount… they have no conception that the dollar amount on today's paycheck is worth less than the dollar amount on last year's paycheck.