Hillary Clinton Isn’t Doing Very Well 😂

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  2. Donald J. Trump band Epstein for life from Mar-A-Lago club in Palm Beach Fonda several years ago. Bill Clinton was on Epstein's jet 27 times as Presadint according to White House travel logs at the same time Hillary Clinton was in charge of the travel department. How many times once Clinton left the White House? Isn't that suspicious? Chelsey Clinton went to Epstein's New Mexico ranch and Ghislaine was at Chelsey's wedding and only close friends went to that wedding. Also Epstein was at the Clinton White House several time. Epstein also had a painting of Bill Clinton in a blue dress by his front door in his NY home. Will they go after the Clinton's? Donald Trump called Epstein a creep before he band Epstein from Mar-A-Lago club Palm Beach Florida. One of Epstein's girls did say she saw Bill Clinton on Orgy Island.

  3. We already have a government guideline on speech… It's called the first amendment! means government and government agencies CAN NOT TAKE AWAY MY FREE SPEECH.. so why is face book desiring the government to take away my first amendment rights of free speech? don't that make them evil control freaks?

  4. Holidays at the end of the year tend to be a stressful time, no wonder there's a flare up "Hillarpes" right now.
    Let's see how Hillary "Tinea" Clinton's MasterClass works out. Git'mo will likely be playing it on a loop….

  5. Remember when a HUGE leftist mob invaded and took over AND OCCUPIED the Congress building in 2018 to protest Brett Kavanaugh’s supreme court’s hearings? No? Well neither do the Jan 1 investigation communists in congress…or the idiots at CNN.

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