Hillary Clinton Lawyer Planned ‘October SURPRISE,’ SCHEMED To INJECT FBI Into ’16 Campaign: Feds

Robby Soave and Ryan Grim discuss Hillary Clinton’s campaign lawyer Michael Sussman and the accusation from prosecutors that he schemed to inject the FBI into the 2016 presidential election, part of a bigger plan to create an October Surprise.

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  1. They are off by a little bit. Sussman is being charged with lying to the FBI about having a client. Sussman sent a text message to the Jim Baker saying he was not there on behalf of a client. there are later documents saying of Sussman saying he brought the information on behalf of a client. the Sussman defense is saying even if he did lie its NOT material. that's its.

  2. How does Ryan report this story, without a hint of self awareness or humiliation, when he not only fell for "Russiagate" hook, line and sinker, but was one of it's biggest supporters and promoters of it.

    Sad. Just sad.

  3. Washington has become the Home of Deception. Pelosi, Clinton, Biden, Schumer, Harris, Waters, Schiff and many, many more keep spreading their curse all over the Nation. When a Nation embraces abortion and homosexuality bad things will happen to that Nation.

  4. Not shocking? Can you provide a similar example in recent history? You guys are downplaying this. Especially when you look at what happened in the subsequent years after 2016. The media kept running with this unsubstantiated Russiagate story. Clinton cheered it on. It drove so much Russia hate the now many Dems are cheering on war in Ukraine. And the country is way more divided. It’s shocking and the eh should be held accountable.

  5. Trump was right – again. The deep state was working against him!

    Edit: This plot was treasonous, yet you two stooges never emphasize the damage this fake story caused to the country and that anyone involved in this plot should have a one way ticket to federal prison.

  6. It’s called “information laundering”.

    It had NOTHING to do with the voters or what they pay attention to. It was a devious plan and you all know it.

  7. Jeez. If this is not prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, it is a huge disservice and treason to this country. All the people in charge at the top should be in prison.

  8. Don't forget… Hillary's campaign received debate questions prior to the Presidential debate by Donna Brazile. Brazile's justification was that it was her job to make DNC candidates look as good as possible…

  9. seriously you guys are acting so nonchalant about this trial. It what world do you just get a feeling of that this wasn’t a devised plan by the Democratic party to create an investigation. Sussman is a lawyer not an idiot. Everyone an involved knew what was going on. IG report disclosed 17 irregularities and he wouldn’t say it was biased. This whole debacle of a story or crime is so massively phuxked ⬆️

  10. "Crooked Hillary" the name fits. This shows how rotten Washington is. The Rissian Collusion Hoax is way worse than Watergate. Hillary should be ashamed to show her face for pulling this hoax on Americans. Im glad this was exposed and it shows democrats thirst for power at any cost. This makes me think voter fraud is true.

  11. tweedle twins unite. one would have to be very generous to believe mr. sussman's tale of do-goodery. given the quality/process of the "product" fed to the fbi, it's not a stretch to imagine this defendant might be the worst $800/hr-dc-cybersecurity lawyer ever licensed to practice. the agent who examined it's commensurate significance assessed it's preparer as likely mentally unwell.

  12. Robby has to be the dumbest person on the internet. The guy went to dube the FBI. He went to trick the FBI to manipulate law enforcement to attack her political opponent.

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