Hillary Clinton Rants about Trump “Not Respecting Election Results” in 2020

I seem to recall Hillary was the one who did not respect the 2016 results:

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  1. I think it is a setup – for when mail-in balloting creates a Constitutional crisis. Bush vs Gore election chaos? 2020 election: "Hold my beer"

  2. Hillary is a nutcase. So I guess they're planning to cheat in the 2020 election. They got caught flat footed thinking they were going to easily win in 2016. I'm sure they're ready to roll out the warehouse full of ballots this time to try to get Trump out.

  3. Clinton was elected to the senate twice with the second time being in order to hand the seat to Gilibrand. One would think a “professional political analyst” would understand this.

  4. it would be nice if the narrator discussed the fact that the candidate that he thinks will win has been predicted to lose by all major news outlet by a margin farther than last time.

  5. Whenever they say that, and it's been many times.. it's because theyre attempting to set the narrative. Trying to set precedence. This means 1 of 2 things. 1. they plan on contesting the results which will go through the courts for months while they cook up some way to ruin the 2nd term. or 2. They plan on widespread cheating in many different ways (i.e. ballotstuffing, mail in voting, dead people voting, democratic poll counters throwing out trump votes or ignoring them on the count, etc.) Remember that DNC woman who was removed from her post because of nefarious actions during the 2016 election? Nobody, at that level does ANYTHING without party permission or outright controlling it. Remember that. It won't really matter anyway. No matter the results, Cities will burn and people will perish. it's a given.

  6. Who cares what Hillary Clinton thinks? She's a washed up bureaucrat who's desperately clinging to the delusion that she still has any influence over US politics.

  7. Biden has sapped all that he could from his last "meal". It was time for him to feed once more, on something sweet and innocent, then return to his coffin for some weeks of rest in pitch darkness. For when he rises, his minions will have brought him something fresh to feast on. He will FEAST! AND HE WILL DEBATE TRUMP WITH HIS VAMPIRE-CHARISMA AS HIS WEAPON.

  8. "I believe it was the democrats that did not accept election results"
    Meanwhile it was the GOP that continued to suggest that Obama was not even a citizen of the US.

    Yeah ok.

  9. Mrs. Clinton should save the gloating for when trump loses. And keep her mouth closed until the democrat candidate wins.

    Spoiler: neither are going to happen!

    Guess it's trump 2020, and Hillary is going to be mute.

  10. Yep, Hillarity called out Trump for saying he might not respect election results if he was the loser, then it was her minions who called for a recount in Michigan. Did you think we all would forget this Hil?

  11. IMHO, if Trump somehow loses, he'll continue tweeting about Biden (almost daily) and will become something of a "kingmaker" for the 2024 election. He already is a kingmaker on down ballot races. Just ask Jeff Sessions.

  12. I know farmers can read! I also know they are not so dumb as to plant a package of seeds delivered as jewelry supposedly from china via the d party. Another stupid scare tactic comes along. How much more will it take to get people to understand. Btw, you do not have to "read" the new hill clintoncrimefamily book so long as you know how to buy it. Have a great day, Styx. One more thing…JFK Jr. was sacrificed for that senate seat I do believe.