Hillary Clinton & The DNC Fined For Lying About Steele Dossier

Hillary Clinton & The DNC’s Crimes Are Beyond Nixionian In Scale & Consequence

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Written by Jamarl Thomas

This channel is an honest analysis of the news with a progressive view point without allegiance to anything other than the truth. At least in as far as I can determine based on the evidence present. I won't always be right, but I will always be honest about it.You can support my work by liking, sharing, and commenting on my videos, in addition to joining my Patreon account.I want to thank everyone for their support. It's immensely appreciated, completely humbling, and to some degree totally unanticipated. I just wanted to change the narrative of the prevailing paradigm. This channel allows me to do such. Thank you for the opportunity.


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  1. First of all, HRC does give a shit about this Country! You can't be that niece???? Trump is a acumbag! You know thia sounds like you have issues with the Clintons themselves. You're definitely bringing YOUR bias to this report. HRC has worked for children and families her whole life. Let's NOT forget Trump met with Putin and took the notes from the interpreter. Why? The reason why Trump withheld weapons to Ukraine was because he was trying to basically he wanted something from Zelensk. He wanted dirt on Biden's son. You should check your bias at the door! Jail for HRC, no, a fine is good enough. Jail for Trump and just about every single one of his cronies should go to jail.

  2. Just a fine? That seems far too lenient for the irreparable damage these knobends have done to the US/Russia relations… They should be doing time… Lots of it… And not just a fine.

  3. The UK government tried to silence even the mention of Steele's name initially to cover this up (kind of idiotic since international outlets were going to report it). See "UK Asks Journalists to Not Name Ex-Agent Allegedly Behind Trump Report" from Vice news.

  4. illegitimate is the only word that accurately describes our governing parties. you cant vote them out because its not about politics to them. its a "ruling class" that needs an earthly remedy.

  5. Appreciate you, Jamarl. While some so-called political commentators are STILL harping on Hollywood distractions, YOU are giving us real news.


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