Hillary Clinton to Testify on Sept 9- Will the News Cover it?

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Written by Zoon Politikon

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  1. George Floyd did die 90 minutes later after he was choked by his cop friend. Floyd and the cop worked security together for 18 years.
    Additionally Floyd supposedly had Covid post mortem.

    I’m not saying Floyd didn’t die .
    I am calling double hoax.

    Johnny Gat :

  2. do you think"they" use an old fashioned 'chore wheel', deciding which?SOP/distraction to use/the dog& pony circus?a Mandamas ALSO BEEN USED IN ANOTHER WAY/GEN FLYNN WHICH, after Doj said they have no charges-Judge? forced2accept motion??2 find Flynn guilty/something he HASN'T EVEN BEEN CHARGED WITH? this jsutice?lol-system is like watching a pea and shell show in NY.streets?

  3. Well I’m glad she will testify but I wonder what she will be able to recall? Probably nothing. I’m just really glad she no longer holds office!

  4. Cheryl Mills is a director of BlackRock Financial Services/Blackstone Group/Lehman Brothers Kuehn Loeb (Peterson, Schwartz)/Kuehn Loeb (Jacob Schiff)/Rothschild Bank in Frankfurt am Main, Hessen, Germany.

    More about BlackRock – this was 5 years ago, their company is now much larger than $4.5 trillion in assets.

  5. I think there will be massive riots if Hillary has to testify to draw away attention. Don't mean to be a downer but I doubt if they ask her any worthwhile questions. Hell Trump was supposed to lock her up but Assange got locked up instead and Trump blew a huge sigh of relief when Epstein was suicided. Hillary's been involved in criminal activity since the 80s when her and Bill was running the Southern Mafia……..governor's mansion in Arkansas. If she actually ever gets convicted of anything I'll believe it when it happens. Until then I doubt it…………