Hillary Clinton’s Lawyer Indicted For RussiaGate Lying

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  1. So this guy lied about Russiagate and gets indicted and Trump lies in the most dangerous, constitutionally, way constantly and nothing is ever going to happen to him. Anybody who thinks otherwise is dreaming in technicolour.

  2. 1st time I'm learning about this. I'm shocked that the muppets at CNN didn't broadcast this story ad nauseam. Did our social media Oligarchs promote the hell out of it?

  3. Who had a server in the basement of her house, who smashed and acid washed all of her hard drives and cell phones, who had a mysterious house fire destroying all evidence……DONALD TRUMP!

  4. NO ONE FEEL SORRY FOR WHAT PRESIDENT TRUMP BEEN THROUGH AND BE TREATED?? END OF THE DAY, HE IS ONE OF AMERICAN LIKE WE ALL. DONT LIKE HIM, BUT SHOULDNT ENCOURAGE THIS KINDA crime on him or anyone. people really need to see how scary and serious … means a group of people have zero respect of our votes. this time u agree with them, so u support this action. they already did it with Bernie… when will people realize that these group of people see everyone of us like dirt, like nothing, below than them. our votes, our choice only valid when work for them. if not, then these 10% population will do their best to dismiss 90% populations decision. these 10% must have see themselves so must better, elite , only that can explain why they dare to it.
    'what can these dirty stupid people do, we have the power they give us to put out new rules to control them. isnt that stupid enough hahahah'….. i am sure what in their mind when these nasty people out right lie to our face

  5. Leid Stories (Utrice Leid) is a bunch of losers who tried to wreck WBAI. The idea of her or her organization being a arbiter of journalistic integrity is a joke. Ask Randy Credico about her.

  6. Not everyone believed the hoax. Trump supporters never accepted. It was obvious. Trump was impeached for asking Ukrainian President about Crowdstrike, asking him to get to the bottom of it. Crowdstrike was a Ukrainian company.

  7. remember fauci said i needed to get the polio vaccine something i knew back in 2017 and warned about the measles outbreak so you call him a liar i call him a truth teller by making people divide by 0

    my vaccine passport so far says unvaccinated for polio and polio lives in the air and on water and i got proof that polio makes polio babies and pass down to/from family members

    after all people expect me to believe somehow tattoos get passed down but somehow polio never gets passed down that makes 0 sense

    i am at risk for polio and i refuse to stop talking about it while i am being told to get crude oil injected into my body because by now everybody must know that polyethylene means crude oil and an ingredient in the covid vaccine

    hence the health issues

  8. again you said delta variant covid never made babies without the babies what might this so called delta thing be

    after all impossible for it to be covid it lives the longest on plastic and the death happens in 3 days

    so covid sexed when and how and sex needs to happen for variants the ROK game states it as well (ROK short for rise of kingdoms for people who know about the gambling game)

  9. Anyone that excuses this as a positive because it helped stop Trump is a fool. They, the Government, Press, DNC, Never Trumpers, and the Clinton Campaign, attempted to overthrow a sitting President which shows "we the people" are not in charge and our votes don't matter because "they" will tell us who will be our leaders. Nothing new really, just never expect to be able to force change with an outsider.

  10. "DNS traffic" ? Sounds impressive but EVERY webpage that loads on EVERY browser EVERYWHERE makes a DNS call – Domain Name Servers are the road map of the internet. There is no "there" there

  11. We need to help this lawyer who, no doubt, has caught a virus worst than COVID 19: the dreaded malicious self injuring behavior that makes people shoot himself twice in the head or hang themselves in the high-security jail. Baaad virus!

  12. Nothing would give me more joy
    than to see Killary and her stooges
    perp-walked for their sinister, out-
    rageous, criminal, treasonous
    attack on a sitting president of
    the United States. They should all
    go to jail for the rest of their lives.
    Personally, I'ed prefer the death

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