Hillary Clinton’s ‘Trump, Russia’ Disinformation Plant | Review & Outlook: WSJ Opinion

Appearing as a witness in John Durham’s trial of Michael Sussmann, Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign manager, Robby Mook, says she personally approved a plan to give a false ‘Trump, Russia’ claim to the news media.

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Composite: Mark Kelly (05/23/22)


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  1. Why is WSJ being shadow-banned on YouTube? This should have millions of views. They are a top news organization reporting fairly on a breaking development in a phony news story that garnered front page positions for 3 years. Is YouTube afraid of exposing its own complicity in this sham? Wouldn’t be the first time.

  2. I am very tired of hearing about Hillary’s crimes. Her crimes could fill a federal arrest warrant. There will never be a federal arrest weren’t with Hillary’s name on it. She is the wife of a former president of the United States. She ran for president herself. She expected to win because it was supposedly her time, it was owed to her, first woman to run for the office of president. How dare America not want her to be the president? Well Americans didn’t want her to be president. What makes me laugh is that a black man became president before a woman. I bet Hillary was beside herself when a black man was chosen by the democrats to run for president. She did get her chance. Democrats and the woke crazy people thought Hillary was a shoe in. Most people thought so too since she was running against Trump, the only person in America that had no chance to beat Hillary. But he did!! That’s when democrats knew they had to alter elections. When Trump beats Hillary the democrats know that they gave to cheat. The next election after Trump won was already being stolen by democrat politicians. Hillary being defeated showed and sparked the democrats to the realization that they are not liked in this country. So what to do. Cant let Trump win again so just cheat in front of everyone. CNN and the other traitors of journalism are no more lost than those who wrote Propaganda for the Germans. Anytime the people take back their country throughout the history of the world, they take back the information or so called “news” provider’s. CNN is the top liar so they will be first. First for what? First to face what you have caused, angry Americans. The same ones that didn’t vote for Hillary. CNN can only do so much and there Is nothing like looking into the eyes of someone that realizes there is nothing they can do.

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