Hillary Clinton’s War Monger Appointed By Biden

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Edited by Michael Wurum

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  1. Wow….he must be in major debt to her for something in the past to be so hell bent on getting her a job. Or she knows something that he doesn't want getting out.

  2. @4:59 mark Jimmy put a segment of Trump talking about "Bomb the oil and take the oil." but it is out of context. Go look for that rally and listen to all that Trump said before that statement.
    I watched that rally in real time. And Trump was talking about how the US/Obama created ISIS. And how we should now deal with ISIS and the oil being fought over.
    The same ISIS that Obama:
    1. used to destroy Libya, Syria, etc… and many other crimes all over the Middle _east & Africa.
    2. Their branch Boko Harem kidnapped the Nigerian girls & Michelle was on youtube holding a sign that said:"return our girls.'
    3. In Libya Obama brought in Antifa to help burn down Libya as most of them were busy in the East
    What Trump is saying is that since we created & paying ISIS to destroy these places, and that they are stealing & controlling the oil. Our own military should bomb the hell out of that area and take the oil. Trump also said in a previous meeting (and I am not sure if he said it also at this rally) that the US will return the oil later (to these countries, Syria, Yemen) after we have taken the oil, control and we are done with ISIS.

  3. I'd like to see someone offer Jimmy 24 million dollars. That's the real test. I hope I never have to choose. I've been poor all my life, my parents were poor and their parents were poor.. I'd probably fold in a heartbeat.

  4. Our Leaders, no matter who or what party, are 100+% for their own selfish, best interests, Period! We, the people, each of us, have to begin acting in our best collective good or continue to be robots of the ruling class. It's going to take all of us, one by one, acting for our collective good to take back our country. Peace.

  5. Trump was the first President to openly admit that the US bombs overseas innocents on mass so oil billionaires can plunder their oil rather than pay the going price for it… like civilised countries have to. Biden will have the same kind of bloodthirsty dogs of war crew that Trump had, only he'll tell the mind controlled masses that he's slaughtering Syrians because Assad is a bad man, or because Syrians are crying out for democracy. People just love to hear that patriotic shit… They can't handle the truth.

  6. Democrats do love their wars, and Tanden is a perfect choice to continue spiking the ball for the military complex.

  7. My new thing is going to be they say the lesser of 2 evils. The republicans really are the lesser of 2 evils. When Trump had the DA from Epstein on his staff sorry to break everyone’s heart he fired him

  8. Have you and Crowder ever had a show together? Was there beef? I actually think you are the same person.. lol. Has anybody seeen both of you in the same room?

  9. Neera Tanden Net Worth: $1 Million

    Her financial disclosures show a salary of $397,000 in 2018 as the head of the Center for American Progress, a nonprofit. Her earnings over two years with the organization totaled more than $731,000.

  10. After listening to the confirmation hearings it became obvious what kind of creature this is. Too bad old white Joe had to find a place for her anyway. The government is driving this country into the ground.

  11. That didn't take long. What does she do for these people that no matter how much the public hates her ass she still gets rewarded?