Hillary IS NEXT! Durham Investigation Is CLOSING IN On Hillary Clinton’s 2017 Russia Conspiracy!


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  1. You never hear of wealthy politicians being sent to prison. I that case a huge fine should be given but to not do anything is just as criminal. The hard working people of this great country should not pay the price. The damages for the wrong doing should be paid by those doing the crime. How can we have a credible and fair justice system when the wealthy criminals don't pay.

  2. Demoncraps are above the law in this country. They can do whatever they want because they know that, for them, the system works like in the 3rd world countries. In this country, only right-wing conservatives get punished. Just look at the 2020 elections.

  3. Here are some of the titles of books written about HilLIARy Clinton; Profiles in Corruption, Crisis of Character, Guilty as Sin, The Clinton Scandal, The Truth About Hillary and the list goes on and on. There are many other books written about most corrupt person in the history of politics.

  4. Ain't gonna Happen, Bud….EVER! Haven't seen ANY Democrats of Hillary's ilk 'PAY' or be held Accountable for their Lies or Crimes…AT ALL! All the "Dead-To-Rights- Lies over her emails and Computer 'Whitewash' "Ring" any Bells?

  5. she is getting too old she will never spend a day she will never put on orange coveralls whoever is president will probably partner even if she is already been parted if Donald Trump returns to the scene he will pardon Hillary Clinton they will not be any activity against the oligarchs just like today 15 years sentence for rape handed down to a cop two counts of rape judge vacated that judgment gave the cop 4 years house arrest that most likely will not be fulfilled either the judge had a change of heart due to a massive massive influx of cash re-election campaign contributions by the fraternal order of Police Union

  6. ou this should be interesting.

    but i hope you dont spend too much time complaining about being "shadow" banned.

    edit: if you dont…. then i guess i will feel obliged to subscribe 😉
    edit#2: 1:54 ahh shit here we go again

  7. Please lock her UP! Once locked up Bill can go out and have his long over due fun. Please make her “Suffer” lock her up in a male prison, there fire she can’t have her lesbian fun like she did with Yoko Ono!

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