His own words condemn him.

Straight from the handbook from 1943
G Edward Griffin

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  1. does not have the brains TO COME UP SOMETHING Original has to fall back on the old commie hand book ,this clown is a joke and surely those residents of Victoria have enough brains to give the flick to this grub in no uncertain way ,then go after the bastard and his thug police .

  2. there is nothing antisemitic about hating blue eyed imposters from the back of poland who pretend to be semitic jews so they can steal semitic palestinian land that is pro semitic

  3. But Dan has a place for mass immigration from communist countries? A strategy well used by former communist dictators to quickly subvert and dilute a culture that would oppose their human rights abuses, Dan has a place for that.

  4. Parasitic psychopath, ban the busted dan.if you can read this dan , you are one of the most tyrannical "leaders " of a state ,in history, good riddance. You diabolical monster, your father should've spat you on the sheet

  5. Good pick up there. The globalist filth (Dick Ears included) are like a hybrid of Fascism and Communism and opposite ends of the same tyranny. You can't see Covid or CO2 so all the filth have to do is repeat the Covid and Climate lies over and over and over until they become facts in the minds of the domesticated sheep.

  6. "Become fact in the public mind…." that's what your mate Mr T has done to you and many others and yet you don't see it??? Dan, time to step away, hopefully permanently.

  7. The old communist playbook… The new WEF talking points mouthed by Dan Andrews and Justin Trudeau etc. These COVID pushing traitors are about to be removed in biblical fashion.

  8. politicans are overrated 2. it wouldn't matter what dan did, as long as the media don't hold him to account the majority who are brainwashed every night watching it won't care. then you have someone like brian houston who did something small and they can make it into something big. the media is the biggest culprit.

  9. remember how covid completely disappeared ? it was after the trucker's convoy, which must have triggered putin (young globalist) to start performing with that ukraine dude. the media puts people under a spell and controls their focus and perceptions …

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